On December 10th, 2021, the iSMART Design Awards were ceremoniously launched in Guangzhou, China – 2021 Guangzhou Design Week Family Banquet, in the hope of selecting smart space works and designers from the point of view of both design professionals and consumers are good at designing intelligent spaces. The iSMART Design Awards will promote the popularization of the smart home market and iterative improvement in technology, and also enable smart home for design, provide a vision of future living space for global designers, and explore the new direction of developing future smart home scenes.

* Guangzhou Design Week 2021 Family Banquet Announces iSMART Design Awards

At the global opening ceremony, we invited the convener of the jury of the iSMART Design Awards 2022 in the Life category: Panda Media founder and well-known media person Shen Chen attend the opening ceremony, as well Lion He CEO of Guangzhou Design Week; Shi Weigang, President of Morgan Smart Home; and Morgan Smart Home National Distributors, the heads of over 180 domestic city branches of the GIA Guangzhou Design Week International Alliance, designers and design experts from all over the country, etc. to gather to celebrate the iSMART Design Awards and a new era of smart Home design together!

* 2021 Guangzhou Design Week family banquet

# 01

Oriented from the present, looking into the future: the present and the future need more designers who are intelligent!

Mr. Leo He, Guangzhou Design Week CEO, said at the global opening banquet, “With the world’s leading edge in artificial intelligence, China’s smart home industry has also made a leap forward that is changing people’s lifestyles at an accelerating pace, making us – Investigation of “humanization” and “lifestyle”. The combination of intelligent technology and design can effectively improve the environment and improve the quality of life, which is also the trend of future life. The perfect integration of human and ecological nature, people and technology in the future is the necessary way to embrace the future, to master the future. The present and the future need more designers who are intelligent! “

* 2021 Guangzhou Design Week family banquet

# 02

Three jury conveners: Select excellent, intelligent room work with different perspectives!

Smart space is a single perspective from the design perspective, smarter, more focused on the experience of the scene. Therefore, the juries of the iSMART Design Awards 2022 consist of three categories: design, aesthetics and life category. The organizer and the conveners of the jury invited chairmen of design organizations, design leaders, artists, media people, celebrities, cultural workers, fashionistas, opinion leaders and leading personalities of the smart home industry from many countries around the world as jury members and participate in the annual jury for good Select work from multiple perspectives and three-dimensional.

Mr. Shen Chen, the convener of the Life category, Mr. Steve Leung, the convener of the Design category, and Mister. Ben Wu, the convener of the Aesthetic category, was also invited to the dinner party to bring sincere blessings to the opening ceremony via online video.

* 2021 Guangzhou Design Week Family Banquet – (left) Mr. Leo He, (right) Mr. Shen Chen

During dinner, Mr. Shen Chen shared his views on “Intelligence” and the introduction of the iSMART Design Awards 2022 and his blessing for the award ceremony. He said, “It’s important to look good. Product appearance is the customer’s first choice and good use is the second choice. Designers not only create good-looking products, but also improve the aesthetics of the party, discover the different aesthetic needs of contemporary young consumers and the earlier generation of consumers, produce corresponding works and respond more to the needs of young people. Good Looking, Good to Use, Good to Sell These three directions are also smart to explore and achieve. We hope that in the future, intelligence will become the floor of every home. It’s the underlying logic and intelligent design that looks good and works well will make our lives better. “

* 2021 Guangzhou Design Week Family Banquet – Jury convening of the “Life” category, Shen Chen’s speech

* iSMART Design Awards – Design Category Jury Officer, speech by Steve Leung

* iSMART Design Awards – Jury convening of the Aesthetics category, speech by Ben Wu

# 03

Design + Intelligence: Help develop intelligent design with a vision of the future living space

It is our eternal pursuit to live a more convenient, smarter, and more comfortable life. The rapid development of technology has accelerated the smart home to change people’s lifestyles, and our idea of ​​life has become more concrete and full. With this industrial and social backdrop, Guangzhou Design Week, committed to the value of “Design for People’s Livelihood,” hopes to conduct an international smart space design selection with major international design and branded media organizations based on its 16 years of activity and established design resources and explore the new direction of future smart home development. The ISMART Design Awards were born.

At the same time, the 「iSMART Design Awards」 2022 are very fortunate to be supported by a partner who also pursues intelligent and comfortable human life: the world’s leading smart home manufacturer – Morgan Intelligence, from research and development of cutting-edge technology to Regarding focus on developing a future intelligent direction, Mr. Shi Weigang, President of Morgan Intelligent Home said, “Intelligence has a significant impact on the industry and even the world, including food, housing and transportation. There are many dimensions about which one can speak of intelligence, possibly of the use, possibly of the design, the connection of everything. For designers, the intelligence used in design can bring multiple feelings into the design work, no longer a cold composition without experience. The award was created to attract more designers who use intelligence, but also to enable designers to discover more intelligent design that improves the quality of life and the feeling of being alive. “

* Speech by Shi Weigang, President of Morgan Smart Home

Morgan Intelligence is the world’s leading smart home manufacturer. The company has developed more than 1,200 intelligent products that can implement local and remote visual control with its self-developed bus control technology, wireless control technology and cloud computing as the core. At present, the company has more than 300 patents, among which AI intelligent touch screen, intelligent panel, intelligent remote control, intelligent host, etc. are the industry leaders. Morgan realized that the smart home products can save the habits of the user through the “Morgan AI Intelligent Algorithm MIA technology” and really achieve the “Morgan smart home system” with AI capability.

Here we also had a big award ceremony for “Morgan Smart Home” as a strategic partner of the iSMART Design Awards 2022. Guangzhou Design Week will work with Morgan to explore the great smart enthusiasts and designers and empower the design of the smart home leave!

* 2022 iSMART Design Awards Strategic Partner Award Ceremony

# 04
iSMART Design Awards: Fade in the launch and ignite the intelligent mania!

At the Guangzhou Design Week Family Banquet, the leaders of over 180 domestic city branches of the GIA Guangzhou Design Week International Alliance, designers and design experts from across the country gathered to celebrate the official launch of the 2022 iSMART Design Awards under the collective attention of. to experience “family members” in this lively and extraordinary night. It will collectively create and promote the market popularity of smart home and iterative upgrading of technology, as well as enabling smart home design, providing global designers with a vision of future living space, and exploring the new direction of future smart home scene development.

* iSMART Design Awards opening ceremony

Here, the iSMART Design Awards 2022 will be given to architects / interior designers with outstanding achievements and professional achievements in the field of interior design worldwide. The juries of the three categories select outstanding smart space works from the perspective of professional design, user experience and unique aesthetic vision and together explore the future of smart home scenes in a new direction of development!

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