Recently, ADVANCE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LTD (AGT), the king of advertising machines in the United Kingdom, appeared in Times Square, New York, USA, and boarded the Nasdaq big screen in Times Square in New York, which is known as the “world’s first screen”. AGT continues to be an industry unicorn. Fermentation shows the corporate image and corporate strength to the world.

Mujeeb Mohammed (CEO) said that AGT is already preparing relevant materials and is preparing to go public in the United States in the near future

Mujeeb Mohammed also said that the achievements of AGT today are inseparable from the efforts of all members of the group, and all the excellent agents and users in the world. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone. On this occasion, AGT also provides generous benefits for global agents and users. Ordinary users can get cash dividends, and as an agent of AGT, they can get the original shares of the company. More benefits will be announced soon.

As we all know, AGT has expanded rapidly in the Southeast Asian market this year, especially in Indonesia, which has achieved very good results. AGT had previously donated 2 million US dollars of supplies to Indonesia, and Mujeeb Mohammed said that this year’s Asia Conference will be held in Indonesia.

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