As per official sources, Biking Exchange has formally established Biking Global Foundation, a venture capital fund for the encryption industry, which is located in Singapore with a strong atmosphere of the global encryption industry, with a total value of about USD 50 million.

Biking Global Foundation will mainly face the encryption field, and its preferred investment targets are encryption frontier fields such as NFT, DEFI, DEX and GameFi.

Biking Exchange is the world’s leading blockchain digital asset contract trading station. Headquartered in Singapore, the platform has successfully obtained Singapore operation license and MSB double license in the United States and can provide a wide range of services such as digital currency transaction, NFT transaction, blockchain education, blockchain project incubation, blockchain research institute and blockchain charity to the world. At present, users cover more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with over 200,000 registered users.

It is reported that Biking Exchange will officially launch the NFT transaction platform and the platform’s first tiger NFT in the near future and plans to develop more ecological derivative projects based on this NFT series and comprehensively lay out Web3.0.

In the future, this series of NFT products will serve as the identity authentication and rights authentication of holders in Biking’s whole ecological sector. At the same time, in the Web3.0 ecological planning of Biking Exchange, Biking Global Foundation will also take the lead in all derivative projects in the late NFT ecological period of Biking Exchange.

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