On October 6th, the donation ceremony was held at the Rizhao No.1 Middle School west campus.

With the 100th anniversary of the funding of Rizhao No.1 Middle School coming up, class of 1994, Chairman of Antai Industrial Group Co.LTD, Mr Chengyuan Bie put the key of school history museum to headmaster of Rizhao No.1 Middle School,Mr Hongbing Shang,Mr Shang expressed his thanks to Mr Bie,and issued the donation certificate and pennant to him.

Mr. Bie looked back those unforgettable experiences of his study and life in old school, and expressed deep affection to alma mater,then he introduced the journey of his heart while he donated the school history museum.

Mr.Bie said,he was so glad to meet the centennial anniversary of his old school, and the idea of doing something and presenting his heart to alma mater came to his mind. He took the initiative to contact the school as soon as he got the news of building school history museum,he donated 1.5 million generously to Rizhao No.1 Middle School for the building of centennial school history museum,and presented a generous gift for school anniversary.

Rizhao No.1 Middle School is a key middle school of Shandong province,one of the national 100 top high schools. The school has advanced educational conditions, qualified teachers and standard facilities, it has cultivated over 70 thousand outstanding talents,including more than 1000 well-known doctor alumni, 14 General alumni, and nearly 200 students were enrolled in Peking University and Tsinghua University. Rizhao No.1 Middle School has won numerous honors, like the National Advanced Unit, 100 Top High School Characteristic Project School, Universities’ autonomous enrollment 100 Top Famous High School, National Olympic Gold Metal School, the Most comprehensive High School of Shandong and so on.

Mr. Bie is class 1994 alumnus of Rizhao No.1 Middle School. After graduated from school, he started business very arduously and strived for success,and established the Shandong Antai Industrial Group Co.LTD. He is present chairman of Antai Industrial Group Co.LTD, Rotating President of Rizhao Young Entrepreneurs Association, President of Rizhao Tennis Association, honorary vice chairman of Rizhao Charity Federation. He also won a lot honors as Shandong Innovation Award, Private Economy 10 Top Individuals, Top 10 Private Entrepreneurs,Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs etc.

While developing enterprise,Mr.Bie has always been caring about alma mater, and has donated materials and money for many times to support his old school’s educational development. Besides, Mr. Bie is enthusiastic about public welfare, he has took part in over 300 public welfare actions in aspects of donation for education,targeted poverty reduction,ancient tree Protection,and promoting the development of culture and tourism and sports undertakings,with total investment over 50 million.

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