Today’s human world is in an unprecedented great change. Looking back on history, every technological innovation will change the development process of human civilization. The initial popularization and application of blockchain technology has opened the door of the future intelligent civilization. The Metaverse serves as the carrier for the integration of the virtual world and the real world Contains great opportunities for social, content, games, office and other scene change. The emergence of Creator has made more people see a promising future Creator is an open social, survival, and competitive game that aggregates the application of metacover NFT digital transactions. It is jointly created and published by the Creator game technology development team and Japan’s Square Aix game company.

Aims to create a new set of digital financial ecology, let consumers, operators, investors three in one. Let more people participate in the development of Creator, With the help of the technology application of Creator, they will issue their own personal NFT works and permanently enjoy the transaction copyright income of the work CAR is the only universal token in Creator ecology. It uses independent Token Economics to create a complex of games and NFT transactions, and uses POW mechanism through Hash algorithm to generate CAR as a reward for miners to participate in accounting. It is expected that by the release of 10 million units by 2153, CAR through benign mechanism design and platform value support, token rewards will increase infinitely with the ecological expansion of the game.

It can be said that Creator is a game that benefits all players, is a model of the metaverse landing. It took two years, the technical team of hundred people jointly created a standard Opensea Chinese level NFT head trading Car Swap. It aggregates advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, network computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, interactive technology and so on, and it was presented in the form of 3D game applications, As soon as it went online, it was warmly welcomed by players around the world. On the one hand, Creator relies on the advanced commercial architecture, providing the participants of the system with the ability to maintain continuous profitability. On the other hand, Creator provides the best development environment for ecological co-builders by relying on the powerful underlying blockchain technology.

With the Creator based on “co-construction, joint governance and sharing” makes trust, information, data, communication, interpersonal network, wealth and differential power no longer a problem, Creator will work with users around the world to create a new generation, equal, free, decentralized, efficient and secure metaverse world belong to us.

In the future, our team will continue to grow and eventually spread all around the world Let people live in a new world without centralized centralization, no exploitation, no capital.

We will create a truly free financial world here.

Here each one of us can dominate our own life and get real freedom


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