This is an important moment, and examining the technical code of smart contracts is vital for a decentralized wallet! December 30th, 2021 WeToken passed the code audit by Certik, a well-known security audit company in the USA. Certik relies on dynamic analysis, static analysis and manual reviews to find potential security risks as well as possible production vulnerabilities in order to conduct a comprehensive security audit of the decentralized wallet WeToken.

Audit results

After the audit, Certik again confirmed that the technical code supplied by WeToken Wallet was decentralized open source and has a very high level of security, which confirms the initiative of WeTOken Wallet to carry out security tests. The WeToken wallet team received optimization recommendations from Certik, all of which were applied to the code base refinement process.

Photo: Certik, aboutCover of the WeToken Wallet Audit Report

Audit process

Certik tested, analyzed and derived the structure, implementation and general best practices of the smart contract technology code for the WeToken wallet. The Certik team systematically analyzed the entire code base, thereby initiating the entire audit process and strictly adhering to high standards throughout.

During the audit, Certik used dynamic analysis, static analysis and manual review techniques to fully review the project agreement. During the test, special attention was paid to the following:

  1. Test all common and infrequent attack vectors against smart contracts;
  2. Assess whether the code base is in line with current best practices and industry standards;
  3. Make sure the contract logic is consistent with the design specification and purpose;
  4. Reference and contrast similar structures developed by industry;
  5. Perform a line-by-line manual review of the entire code base;

WeToken profile

WeToken is a professional multi-chain digital wallet that draws on the team in blockchain technology accumulation and multi-dimensional security experience to protect asset security global digital currency users in an easy, convenient, secure and reliable digital wealth management services. Wetoken Wallet now supports multiple major chains like Ethereum, Wave Field, BSC, HECO etc. It also has extensive features like asset management appreciation, lightning exchange, mortgage loan, market tracking, multi-signature condominium etc. Wetoken, your safe for digital asset appreciation and preservation , has provided reliable digital currency management services to millions of users in over 150 countries and regions.

Certik profile

The US blockchain security auditing firm Certik has secured a multi-million dollar investment from Binance Labs. The company was founded by a team of researchers from Yale and Columbia Universities with decades of research and offers code security audit services for blockchain applications and smart contracts through formal verification techniques “deep specification”. And formal verification technology for smart contracts and blockchain applications and protocols to provide the highest level code security solutions has conducted security audits for coin security and other well known projects.

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