Blockchain-enabled card placement game Deesse has officially announced that its initial round seed funding has closed with a whopping $ 2 million. Investors in the round included Polygon Studio, founder of Polygon, Republic Capital, Metaverse Money, AU21, Tron Foundation and NGC, according to Monday’s report.

Deesse aims to disrupt the fun-making ecosystem with a focus on sustainability and mature support for gaming technology and art, and to make a mobile game of RPG battles that is fun. Goddesses in Deesse are collectable NFTs that are an integral part of gameplay. Players can come up with a myriad of unique strategies based on goddesses armed with various weapons and equipment.

For future plans, Deesse’s roadmap begins with community building and NFT sales, followed by a native cryptocurrency, and will then extend to additional assets, marketplace and cross-chain bridges, including Layer 2 support.

“Deesse’s long-term vision is to bring blockchain games outside of Japan by targeting the anime-themed game in the international market. It is even more important to develop a world-class game for anime lovers and allow users to make money while they do their favorite activity, ”explained the founder of Deesse.

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