On the afternoon of May 30, Emdoor Information’s new brand of high-end rugged computers, “ONERugged”, held a launch event in Taipei. The well-known media in Taipei were invited to attend and experience this busy event. This launch event not only officially launched the new high-end rugged computing brand, ONErugged, but also a range of new rugged computing products and solutions.

At the launch event, the ONErugged was presented in all directions. The “O” in the ONERugged logo resembles a hexagonal shield, representing protection and robustness. The three vertical lines in the middle of the shield are similar to each other and stand for dustproof, waterproof and drop protection. Additionally, the three vertical lines of the number “1” are meant to evoke “ONE” which stands for “One-Stop-Supplier of Rugged Computers”, perfectly explaining the core concept and product value of ONErugged.

With a mission to “provide customer-centric, outstanding solutions and services” and a vision to “become a leading player in the rugged terminal industry”, ONErugged is committed to enabling digital upgrades, building industrial ecology, improving social manufacturing efficiency and to create A smart future through continuous innovation. ONErugged has competitive advantages in R&D, innovation and reliable supply chain to continuously develop products based on users’ real needs. Meanwhile, ONErugged has developed extensively and made efforts in service upgrade, channel agency and other dimensions to lay a solid foundation for advancement.

Several models of ONErugged were also presented at the launch event, including rugged handhelds, rugged mobile PCs, rugged notebooks, vehicle PCs and panel PCs. The aim is to build a complete series of robust computers and vehicle PCs with high performance, excellent reliability and customer-friendly features. central service.

Focusing on the needs of users, the new ONErugged products not only demonstrate outstanding performance in the areas of computer, display and communication ability, but also in terms of appearance, durability, reliable robustness, professional interface, diverse modules, available accessories and other innovative ones Aspects Breakthroughs, providing more suitable solutions for the usage scenarios and a new productivity and efficiency revolution in the industry. Many details of the kick-off event demonstrate ONErugged’s commitment to offering high-quality products.

The event showcased the solutions of the warehousing, power, transportation and manufacturing industries with the support of various ONErugged rugged computers and derived products, which can enable the digital transformation and modernization for customers, and also can build a complete industrial ecology of the whole chain.

The owner of ONErugged said at the launch event, “The focus of the future development of ONErugged will be a deeper exploration of industry application scenarios.” Provide products with superior performance, higher quality and more excellent service, and promote wider application in thousands of industries to improve industrial digital productivity.”

In addition, it is reported that ONErugged will break the previous pattern of emdoor information and become a fully independent brand that offers professional solutions for all usage scenarios and all industries to meet the increasingly complex needs of future digital development and its goals best achieved in order to create added value for customers.

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