IZ Capital Limited, an investment company officially founded in 2016 by financial experts with more than 20 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, Z Capital, has now officially launched FCN or Fixed Coupon Notes in the European and Great Eastern investment market.

According to the IZ Capital team, the total investment volume of equity-based structured notes has reached $ 60 million within a few months of FCN’s launch in the European and Great Eastern markets. FCN’s warm introduction has attracted great interest from investors in countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines, whose customer numbers grew exponentially at the beginning of the new year.

Investing is always a difficult task, especially for retail investors. Failure can result from a number of factors including market emotion, low seed capital, inadequate risk management, greed or indecision in trading, etc. This is how some investment firms like IZ Capital Limited offered, low risk realizing value can really be in demand.

For the normal investor, Fixed Coupon Notes seem to make perfect sense in this scenario in order to achieve a good effect without specialist knowledge. It is the ideal vehicle with which you can benefit from excellent stock market performance and at the same time protect you from poor market performance.

The FCN offered by IZ Capital Limited can track a basket of stocks and select 15 that match the following profile: to take advantage of the upside potential of the asset while limiting the risk of downside risk.

Compared to conventional fixed-rate bonds, IZ Capital’s FCN offers the following advantages:

* Low risk: insurance option with 1% of the main participation amount

* Flexibility: Offers a choice of 2 of the 15 most profitable US stocks on the IZ Capital panel

* Insurance: IZ Capital will offer insurance for its FCN while the traditional one doesn’t

* Short blocking period: 30 days with a withdrawal option at 15% administration fees

* Low minimum investment required: $ 200

Following the launch of FCN in the Great Eastern region, the overwhelming response from the market has drawn the attention of various other regional investors to seek IZ Capital for joint expansion. Thousands of institutional investors have participated in their financing with IZ Capital, and the trend is rising.

The hunger for short term investments offered in the market is imminent as the COVID-19 situation continues to deteriorate and investors from countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines are currently showing great interest in FCN. Finally, FCN products offer high levels of liquidity that other mutual fund investments lack.

With its next plan, IZ Capital will make every effort to improve the Great Eastern investment market. Given the pandemic and the Fed’s rate hikes around the world, stable returns with low risk will be a top priority not only for institutional investors but also for retail investors.

Website: www.izcapital.com

Contact : [email protected]

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