DK Mobile: Genesis has completed many surprising updates. Before introducing this update, let’s get to know DKMobile.

About DK Mobile

DK Mobile is an MMORPG work produced by the well-known game developer Ntrance. With the medieval fantasy world as the background, through exquisite 3D modeling and original storyline, players can become dragon knights to fight against evil forces and experience an immersive adventure experience. DK Mobile currently has three series, the first series “DK Mobile : Return of Heroes” has more than 1 million players worldwide since its launch in 2021. The second series, DK Mobile : The Origin, was launched in August 2022 and was also very popular with players. The third series ‘DK Mobile: Genesis’ is planned to be launched and on-chain through ITSBLOC on 26th of October 2022.

In addition to no in-app purchases, DK Mobile’s unique P2E system, such as a season system that focuses on user play rather than mining, allows users to receive substantial rewards as much as time spent in the game. It is possible to acquire valuable items through monster hunting, quest clearing, PVP, etc., and it can be converted directly into the form of an asset.

We hope you can download DK Mobile:Genesis now!

DK Mobile: Genesis update content

New staking package added

– Added daily attack magic shot

* 50,000 pieces daily for 7 days staking

– Added daily defense magic shot

* 50,000 pieces daily for 7 days staking

– Added Rare to Epic grade Shirt, Belt, Cape and Armguard exchange box for 90 days staking [1 time purchase]

– Added Blessed Armor enhance scroll package

* 1 Blessed Armor enhance scroll + 10 armor enhance scroll for 90 days staking [5 times a day per server]

– Added Cursed Armor enhance scroll package

* 1 Cursed Armor enhance scroll + 10 armor enhance scroll for 90 days staking [5 times a day per server]

2. Some existing staking packages will be removed

– Removal of Novice gear set weapon package (8 types)

– Removal of EOS Summon Transform bundle package

– Removal of EOS Summon Magic Doll bundle package

– Removal of Rare Weapon Bundle package (5 Rare weapon selection box package)

– Removal of Rare helm Bundle package (5 Rare helm selection box package)

– Removal of Rare armor Bundle package (5 Rare armor selection box package)

– Removal of Rare gloves Bundle package (5 Rare gloves selection box package)

– Removal of Rare shoes Bundle package (5 Rare shoes selection box package)

3. Added new Florine packages

– EOS Transformation summon bundle package [5 times a day per server]

* Price set at 100M Florine

* Contains x5 EOS Transformation summon + 1 Transformation fragment

– EOS Magic Doll summon bundle package [5 times a day per server]

* Price set at 100M Florine

* Contains x5 EOS Transformation summon + 1 Magic Doll fragment

– Using 5 Transformation or Magic Doll fragment in Crafting will provide a guaranteed Epic grade Transformation or Magic Doll card

4. Added Florine NPC shop bundle

– Rare Weapons : can purchase Rare weapon for 15M Florine

– Rare Armors : can purchase Rare armor for 15M Florine

5. Autumn Maple leaves collection event is extended until next week

6.New maps available

– Dungeon: Tower of Spirit 4th floor and Tower of Lumen 5th Floor

– Added new boss “Ironblood Sabnoc” in Tower of Lumen 5th Floor

– Hunting Field: Twilight Coast and Merman Camp

7. New Attendance Pass package

Attendance Pass I

– Available to purchase until November,16 2022 (before maintenance)

– Attendance goes for 14 days. Compensation period ends on November 30, 2022

Attendance Pass II

– Available to purchase until November, 23 2022 (before maintenance)

– Attendance goes for 14 days. compensation period ends on December, 7 2022

If you want to play DK Mobile: Genesis, ITSBLOC wallet you must know

ITSBLOC is an independent development platform for Web3.0 games based on Polygon. It aims to help game manufacturers easily realize Web3 transformation through a sound blockchain technology stack and tools, and at the same time build a healthy and stable economic ecology so that players can obtain continuous game income. . ITSBLOC provides an excellent solution to the dilemma faced by the GameFi industry at this stage, bringing Web2.0 popular games with great growth potential into the Web3.0 field. This move not only makes up for the lack of gameplay of GameFi at this stage, but also greatly expands the market growth potential for Web2.0 games. Just recently, ITSBLOC also announced that it has received $7.5 million in investment from eight institutions including Vista Labs, Nexus one, and Edimus Capital.

There are also updates and tutorials about the ITSBLOC wallet

Changes in ITSBLOC Wallet Swap Function

Due to swap pool issue from Polygon Network, we are to inform that there will be some changes with some wallet swap functions.

Check the changes below:


– Able to swap MATIC / USDC using ITSB

– MATIC / USDC token can be swapped with each other

#new update

– Unable to swap MATIC / USDC using ITSB

– MATIC / USDC can still be swapped with each other

– ITSB coin can be purchased using listed crypto currency exchange (, MEXC)

* For more information about you can check the details on the link below

Staking Termination Tutorial on ITSBLOC Wallet

We are here to guide you on how to claim your staked Pentandra Token(PED) to your ITSBLOC wallet once Staking from DK Mobile : Genesis is complete.

1.Check your staking status

Open ITSBLOC Wallet and select PED icon.

2. Select Staking menu from PED menu.

3. In Staking Menu, you can check total Staking amount and Staking status.

Total amount of staking will be updated soon

2. How to retrieve staking

Press claim button on the active staking product that has finished the staking period

2. Check the Staking product information and press OK button

3. Input your password on ITSBLOC Wallet and press OK Button

4. After Staking retrieval is complete, press OK button and return to the Staking menu

3. How to check staking status

1. Check the Staking retrieval log, logs are displayed separately as Unstaking/Staking.

2. In unstaking section, you can check Staking retrieval date, claimed token amount after retrieval of staking and completion status of staking.

3. In staking section. you can check the starting date of staking and the on-going amount of staking.

4. For currently on-going staking products’CLAIMS‘ button is active and on the top part of the screen, you can check the ‘Total staking‘ menu to compare the difference in activation amount.

SOURCE: DK Mobile:Genesis Ltd,ITSBLOC Ltd.

CONTACT:[email protected]

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