In late 2022, as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates, global liquidity is becoming tighter and the overall value of the crypto market has shrunk by more than $2.2 trillion, turning the crypto industry into a deep bear.

However, the forward development trend of the industry has never stopped. ETH has opened a new PoS era, and Layer2 is developing rapidly. The X2Earn mode constantly stimulates new application scenarios. FileCoin has completed the V17 upgrade and the most innovative FVM update on the FileCoin network is coming.

As a massive hash rate node on FileCoin and ETH networks, FalaBlock explores effective methods for steadily growing the value of crypto assets at the bottom of the crypto bear, provides users with asset management services based on crypto hash -Rate and propose innovative solutions for merging traditional assets with Web3.

The FalaBlock team has been providing hash rate support for the FileCoin network since 2017. So far it has more than 5% of the global FileCoin hash rate. At the same time, FalaBlock owns a massive hash rate of ETH main network nodes. Based on this, FalaBlock will customize hash rate investment services for users and provide a stable investment allocation scheme.

It is understood that the main business of FalaBlock runs around four modules namely Fala Earn, Fala Pool, Fala Eco and Fala Labs.

Among them, the companies Fala Earn and Fala Pool will be open to users. Based on hash rate investments and combined with professional market analysis, the team will provide users with diversified investment portfolios to achieve stable and efficient growth of users’ crypto assets.

Fala Eco and Fala Labs are more focused on developing the crypto industry. Fala Eco enriches the Web3 ecology, accelerates the development of the underlying layer of Web3, and provides FalaBlock users with one-stop ecological services through the development of industrial infrastructures such as crypto wallets and NFT marketplaces. Fala Labs will set up a Web3 fund together with well-known VCs, institutions and other projects to support the development of promising Web3 projects.

FalaBlock is looking for more authoritative partners worldwide to provide users with a more comprehensive Web3-based asset management service system. Currently, FalaBlock has achieved cooperation with the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform by supporting Hash Rate.

The founder of FalaBlock and his team firmly believe in the future of the crypto industry and Web3. With the most professional services, the most reliable asset protection, and the leading hash rate, they will make users’ crypto assets rich, closely team up with users in the cold winter, and look forward to the next crypto spring.

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