Emerging blockbuster Play-To-Earn (P2E) title, Galaxy Blitz, this week revealed details of another sell-out fundraising event with $500,000 worth of NFT mystery boxes snatched up on the Binance NFT. The mystery box sale took place on April 11th and comes off the back of a $10 million investment round in February and a hugely successful multi-platform IDO valuing the project at $100 million. Following this event, the Galaxy Blitz team announced plans for a second round of NFT mystery boxes scheduled in May, with the primary difference being a cap on skins and rarity levels available.

Galaxy Blitz is an NFT-based action-packed sci-fi combat strategy game set in the distant future where players take on the role of one of four highly evolved races and compete for glory and riches. Within the game, NFTs have a high degree of utility and will be an integral part of players’ strategies. High level NFTs in Galaxy Blitz support AR functionality, and those attained from mystery boxes will include heroes, battleships, weapons. Aside from NFTs, $MIT is the ecosystem’s native token and is currently being traded on Gate.io, PancakeSwap, and Ascendex, with many more exchanges to come.

NFT Utility in Galaxy Blitz

As gaming industry veterans, the Galaxy Blitz team see NFTs as means to bridge the gap between online and offline, presenting beautifully crafted AR renderings that will give a completely immersive experience to the game. Aside from being represented as in-game characters and items, each NFT has its own unique stats and usability, with NFTs of different rarities able to be staked for up to 600% APY MIT rewards. The farming function will be introduced soon to the public. Users can pledge NFT to share WITH seasonal rewards pool. In addition, there is a regular lottery event for NFT holders, users can stake a certain level of NFT to stand a chance to win the prize. Galaxy Blitz also allows for the merging of packs of the same ranking into higher ranks, giving packs of all rarities intrinsic value and utility. Additionally, staking certain NFTs will grant a host of in-game buffs and boosts that will allow early adopters to get a head start in the massive open world of Galaxy Blitz.

On April 11th, the Binance NFT listed $500,000 worth of Galaxy Blitz Planet NFT mystery box for public sale. The 5800 mystery boxes of different rarity were priced at 85 BUSD each and completely sold out, with an additional 50 boxes reserved to be airdropped to lucky participants later in the month. Of the NFTs available within the mystery boxes, 70% (4095) were N, 20% (1170) were R, 9% (526) were SR, and 1% (59) were SSR rarity. After receiving their mystery box, users will have to wait 12 hours to open them and reveal which randomly assigned NFTs are inside. Upon reveal, Galaxy Blitz NFT trading will be live on the Binance NFT marketplace, and users will be able to withdraw them to their wallets. A hard cap of 20 mystery boxes per person was imposed to ensure as many community members could be involved in the event as possible, with plans for the airdrop event to take place after a randomly taken screenshot between May 2nd, 2022, 11:00 AM (UTC) and May 8th, 2022 11:00 AM (UTC).

Galaxy Blitz Ecosystem of Value

With a solid background in legendary games development, the Galaxy Blitz team are committed to using the latest in technological innovation to create the most unique and genuinely fun game on the market. This intention to focus on quality gameplay and utility is in contrast with others in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) industry, which has seen little development in types of games and as a result, is ripe for an AAA title like Galaxy Blitz. Official beta testing will be online and available for NFT holders in April, with plans to extend for the incoming V1 mobile version and V2 PC version.

In Galaxy Blitz, players will be able to build and control their own production facilities, heroes, and space armies to create universe-wide allegiances and challenge mighty foes in epic PVP space battles supported by a rich economic system based on the ecosystem-native $ MIT token and ecosystem NFTs. Staking $MIT helps increase a player’s in-game power in a number of ways, including decreasing spaceship flight time, increasing immunity periods, and increasing the success probability of NFT minting and forging.

Galaxy Blitz $MIT is valued by its broad utility and earning potential, and will be used within the Galaxy Blitz ecosystem as the primary global currency for processing in-game transactions and as a key marketing tool to bring in new players. This value is only set to increase exponentially when the game launches fully, providing huge financial benefits to early investors.

About Galaxy Blitz

Galaxy Blitz is a Play-To-Earn combat strategy NFT game set centuries in the future as four unique highly evolved descendants of humanity fight for dominance in battles on both lands and in space. Earn a variety of tokens via battles and resource farming as you lead your faction to galactic dominance!

Website: https://galaxyblitz.world/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GalaxyBlitzGame

Telegram: https://t.me/galaxyblitz

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/cfkcVjBDW8

Medium: https://medium.com/@Galaxy_Blitz

Email: [email protected]

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