Guangzhou Du Wenbiao Decoration Design Co.,Ltd.’s visionary design took home a Platinum Winner of the Muse Design Award. According to the official statistics, the Muse Design Award received nearly 40,000 works from more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and the Zhonghai Jindi-Future City Library by Guangzhou Du Wenbiao Decoration Design Co., Ltd. was selected from tens of thousands of works from all over the world and won the top prize, which is an amazing design strength.

Zhonghai Jindi Future City Library takes books as the inspiration and starting point, as well as their shapes, colors and materials all correspond to the open books, implying the opening of an art book. The interior is designed with layers of books to form a herringbone slope with unequal sides. The confluence of architecture, art, humanities and nature here will start people’s imaginative journey and create a kind of “convertible” compound space. The project is a multi-functional complex space with display, business, office, communication and other functions, which aims to meet the needs of different people and become a landmark cultural center full of humanistic atmosphere.

Guangzhou Du Wenbiao Decoration Design Co.,Ltd., founded by DU Wenbiao in 2013, is active in the industry with new and unique innovative concepts. “We feel very honored to receive the top award. From the beginning of the project, my team and I sculpted every detail with care, striving for near perfection in design.” said DU Wenbiao, founder and design director of Guangzhou Du Wenbiao Decoration Design Co.,Ltd.

The Muse Design Awards is one of the most influential international awards in the world of creative design, founded in New York, USA, and organized by the long-established International Awards Associates (IAA). As an influential international award, the Muse Design Award is known for its rigorous judging system and high quality criteria to identify and recognize excellence in architecture and other design fields. With judges from 23 countries around the world, the Muse Awards are judged by a panel of professionals from the world’s leading companies in the creative and digital industries to ensure impartiality.

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