Since its launch in April 2023, the GTC Global Investment Competition has focused on the top six out of a hundred elite participants worldwide, becoming the center of the financial world. Not only has it attracted participation from top traders worldwide, but it has also highlighted its high level and intensely competitive nature.

At the beginning of the competition, each participant used the starting funds provided by the organizers and sponsors to trade various financial products. They had to accurately analyze market dynamics and make quick decisions within the competition's time frame to achieve the highest possible response rates. As the competition enters a crucial phase, the six elite investors face a new round of challenges and vie for the precious chance of finishing in the top four. This phase will test not only participants' investment skills and market knowledge, but also their wisdom and courage. Participants must demonstrate excellent skills in strategic operations and theoretical practice, which directly impacts their ability to excel in the high-pressure environment and advance to the next round.

Against the backdrop of volatile global financial markets, participants not only face technological and strategic challenges, but also a tough test of their risk management skills. They must demonstrate how to adapt their investment strategies to unpredictable market conditions, effectively manage potential risks and find the best balance between strategy and actual operations.

The current global economic environment presents unprecedented complexity, particularly as ongoing monetary policy in the United States has a profound impact on global financial markets. U.S. interest rate decisions and the status of the money supply not only affect the circulation of the U.S. dollar and credit conditions, but also affect global stock markets, bond markets and commodity markets, making the global investment environment full of variables. This environment requires participants in the GTC Global Investment Competition to be extremely adaptable and flexible in order to adapt and optimize their investment strategies to constantly changing market conditions. High inflation conditions can force the Federal Reserve System to maintain high interest rates or adopt more restrictive monetary policy, directly affecting global capital flows and risk preferences. When formulating investment strategies in this context, participants must consider the impact of changes in interest rates on the asset value and the different effects of inflation on different investments, such as the differences in performance between real assets and financial assets.

In addition, when formulating strategies, participants must consider a comprehensive range of factors, including changes in global economic policies, geopolitical risks and market sentiment, to ensure the comprehensiveness and foresight of their strategies. In such a global economic environment, participants not only have to deal with market volatility caused directly or indirectly by political measures, but also have to understand the political trends of other economies and changes in economic indicators, which places higher demands on their market analysis skills and response fast. This is not just a strategy competition, but also a comprehensive test of the participants' overall ability.

Every trading decision not only affects their competitive ranking but can also redefine their career. This competition phase will be the ultimate test of the contestants' comprehensive skills. We are excited to see which investors can successfully make it to the final with their outstanding strategies and decision-making skills.

Through this elite competition, participants not only demonstrated their professional skills and market response strategies, but also provided a visual and intellectual feast for the global financial world. Regardless of the final outcome, the GTC Global Investment Competition has already demonstrated its unique value and importance as a global financial competition platform.

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