The well-known e-commerce marketing platform, AMA recently launched blockbuster salaries and benefits, and has successfully paid salaries to more than 8,000 users. Many people have received their salaries of 10,000 in just one week!

How to receive AMA salary and benefits?

AMA salary is open to all local users who want to join the platform. Besides getting earnings by completing platform tasks, everyone has the opportunity to receive an additional salary from AMA. Contact the platform customer service every Monday to receive it, more work, more pay!

In order to increase the VIP benefits mechanism, starting from 1 October, AMA has decided to upgrade and adjust the salary, the salary received from doing premium VIP tasks will be increased by 20% overall! The weekly salary of VIP5, VIP6, and VIP7 will increase to RM3,000, RM6,000, and RM12,000 respectively next month:

The higher the VIP level, the higher the earnings! Now, the salary is calculated in days and paid on a weekly basis. Users will be paid for as many days of salary as they complete the tasks. More exciting benefits are available in AMA. Come and do tasks together to easily achieve a high income!

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