The worldwide in vitro diagnostics industry for tumors is in a phase of rapid development. In China, the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) has approved many companies’ High Throughput Sequencing (NGS) in vitro diagnostic kits in recent years, and the tumor in vitro diagnostics industry is taking off. There are some points where targeted tumor diagnostics will become a monopoly. Regarding this view, CHEN Chunzhu, an expert in in vitro diagnosis of tumors, pointed out that the complexity of tumors constantly encourages the improvement of detection methods. For example, a targeted diagnosis must cover advanced patients whose tissue samples cannot be obtained, or must be used for early diagnosis and screening. These requirements place high demands on the research and development facilities of detection technology and diagnostic products. Meanwhile, such technical fields will always have the need for technological innovation and constantly generate new market directions. Therefore, in vitro diagnosis of tumors is an area of ​​rapid change and hundreds of schools of thought.

CHEN Chunzhu, Doctor of Genetics from the Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences (SIBS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master’s Practical Tutor in Biology and Medicine from the Hunan University of Science and Technology, a member of the China Anti-Cancer Association, and the current head of the Technical Support from 3DMed Diagnostics In Vitro Diagnostic Tumors Business Unit. Some technological achievements studied and designed by CHEN Chunzhu had a significant effect in the field of in vitro diagnosis of tumors, such as: and “In vitro diagnostic test report automatic generation system V1.0”. She always attends many medical-academic meetings, such as Meeting of Chinese Pathologists and China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP), etc., and she was known for her outstanding professionalism.

Referring to the developing trend of recent tumor in vitro diagnosis, CHEN Chunzhu said that there are many problems that should be solved in the precision diagnosis of tumors. With the development of precision medicine, more professional teams will be built, it is foreseeable that many teams will still use the “external technology plus internal patient resources” running mode. Targeted medical care teams are difficult to evolve without the support of key technologies. “In the current situation, there are 3 trends of precision diagnosis of tumors: First, the tissue samples of patients are difficult to get at the first visit to the hospital or in the period of tumor metastasis and tumor recurrence, so the liquid biopsy technique will play an increasingly important role. Second, with further study, immunotherapies and relevant diagnostic test technologies will be developed rapidly. Third, with the increase in the number of precise drug targets, the expansion of the types of variations detected, and the breakthrough in early detection and screening of tumors, the frontiers of precision diagnostics have been expanded at many levels, and the scope and effectiveness of the diagnostics market and technology are continually expanding.” Against this background, CHEN Chunzhu believed that “the integration of tumor diagnosis and treatment” is the necessary path for the development of China’s tumor treatment, which requires the coordination of new tumor drug development and precision diagnosis, and to “fulfil the unfulfilled clinical.” Patients’ needs” by providing resources to facilitate coordinated development to realize “finding the right patient” before using the right drug through the advanced diagnostic technology.

CHEN Chunzhu believed that the innovation of important technologies in medical care companies is also the most important tool of development along with innovation. “Guided by the main concept of integration of diagnosis and treatment, medical supply companies will offer differentiated and competitive products to meet the needs of the market and patients.” 3DMed Diagnostics has collaborated with hospital professors on some studies related to innovative bTMB diagnostic technology and Chinese patients guided with immunotherapy. She realized that the coordination of the first-class molecular diagnostic technology with rich resources of patients from medical companies and clinical experiences is more conducive to the transformation and implementation of new technologies, and the realization of a win-win situation for patients, hospitals and medical companies. CHEN Chunzhu believed that one of the main tasks for medical companies is to establish the pioneer technique system, e.g. B. Targeted tumor diagnosis, involving some established advanced engineering processes like sample preparation, database construction and sequencing, automated bioinformatic analysis and whole quality control system. The overall modernization of medical companies can lead to the improvement and transformation of the entire industry.

“Only by correctly combining diagnosis and therapy in innovative ways can we best meet patients’ needs.” CHEN Chunzhu has long been there for medical companies to develop core techniques with differences and explore the path necessary for their development is suitable to lead an innovative future in vitro diagnosis of tumors. (Author: Liao Yi)

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