As we all know, Amazon, Alibaba, Shopee and other traditional e-commerce companies have created a large number of merchants and upstream and downstream industrial chains in recent years. Like the United States, China and other populous countries, the list of the rich is essentially made up of e-commerce practitioners. For Indonesia, another country in Asia with nearly 300 million people, it will herald a golden age of e-commerce, and becoming an e-commerce practitioner will be the best choice for ordinary people to get rich.

As a new e-commerce platform, FEC has grown rapidly and its unique operating model is loved by buyers and sellers alike

0 threshold to open a business, you can open a business on the same day of application, there is no cumbersome business opening process, no business management fees, and you can share tens of millions of customer traffic with the platform.

A mature and excellent logistics system and a large number of local warehouses allow customers to deliver their purchased products in a very short time.

The lowest commodity purchase price on FEC only needs about $3, and it only takes 2-7 days to make profits. For traders, the way of ordering and subsequent purchase and delivery significantly reduces costs, improves capital turnover and makes money easily.

Strong intelligent procurement and after-sales system, as an FEC seller, it only takes about 20 minutes a week to process orders, and all the processes are company intelligent operations.

FEC has an average annual income of $38,000, out of which mentor sellers make more than $100,000 per year, far exceeding other ecommerce platforms.

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