An oriental economic and trade event is about to take place on the shores of the East China Sea and the port of the Silk Road. The 2nd China-CEEC Expo & International Consumer Goods Fair will take place in the city of Zhejiang Ningbo from June 8th to 11th. The 23rd China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium will take place at the same time.

Specialized exhibition, investment negotiations and person-to-person exchange. Under the world’s attention, Zhejiang and CEE countries will once again go hand in hand to conduct comprehensive, high-quality, multi-level cooperation. Under the theme “Building a New Landscape, Sharing New Opportunities”, the expo will encompass cooperation between China and the CEE countries in the fields of trade, investment, agriculture, health, education and tourism, including dozens of major events. The online and offline link also creates a unique “third room” for this exhibition. The expo is imminent, there were almost 2,000 exhibitors and over 6,000 buyers, as well as companies that volunteered to form the Central and Eastern European Import and Purchasing Union (CEEC) to take part in the event.

The trade exhibition is the big show from exhibitors from all over the world. The exhibition area covers a total area of ​​around 200,000 square meters, including three exhibition areas of the Central and Eastern Europe Exhibition, the International Consumer Goods Exhibition and the Perpetual Import Commodity Exhibition. It mainly shows seven product categories, including wine, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care products, everyday items, art accessories, smart technology and other products. Many “Star” companies in CEE present their “Star” products, such as Slovenia’s bat plane, Czech hospital bed, Latvia’s anti-reflective glass, etc.

Other opportunities will be found on the stage of conferences, forums and economic and trade cooperation activities. Dozens of wonderful events have created platforms for communication between China and the CEE countries in the fields of trade, science and technology, health and people-to-people exchanges. At the expo, “old friends” from China and the CEE countries will come together online and offline to start a series of high-level international dialogues, look for development opportunities and promote regional cooperation.

Delicious food from CEE countries and “a thousand bowls in hundreds of counties” from Zhejiang are also served in the old bund in Ningbo. Chinese and Western chefs cook on site to show the different attractions between Chinese and Western cuisine. During the expo, not only can you feast your mouth, but also enjoy a spiritual feast. There will also be an exhibition of classic European oil paintings and a symphony orchestra, that plays famous Chinese and foreign songs. The cultural exchange and collision will create a beautiful landscape that will be a bridge for cultural exchange and cooperation between countries.

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