Introduction: With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the financial analysis industry is also constantly evolving, and the integration of modern information technology has become a trend. In this field, Ms. WANG Hai has successfully combined technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain with the financial analysis business with her outstanding skills and innovative thinking. Their efforts and achievements have made a positive contribution to the intelligent development of financial analysis. Today we had the opportunity to interview this outstanding financial analyst to hear her story and perspective on the future of the industry.


Reporter: Ms. Wang, it is a great honor for me to be able to conduct this interview with you. Tell us about your professional background and experience in the field of financial analysis.

MS. Wanghai: Thanks for the invitation. Since 2017 I have focused on independent research and development of financial analysis technology. I combine my extensive experience in my work integrating modern information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain with the financial analytics business. Through the development of a series of intelligent achievements in the field of financial analysis technology, I strive to improve the efficiency and accuracy of financial analysis and solve some important and difficult problems in this field.

Reporter: Can you specifically present some of your technical research and development achievements?

MS. Wanghai: Absolutely. I have developed the blockchain-based supply chain financial data analysis system V1.0, which combines blockchain technology to provide a more reliable and transparent data source for financial analysis. This enables financial analysts to more precisely assess risks and opportunities in the supply chain and provide sound decision-making support. In addition, I have developed the risk assessment platform for trade finance in the supply chain V1.0 based on the third model, which can more accurately assess financial risks in the supply chain by applying the third model. This provides financial institutions with a scientific basis for supply chain finance decisions and helps to reduce financial risks. At the same time, I also developed a search classification system V1.0 for similar listed companies based on artificial intelligence algorithm and V1.0 based on mobile terminal fund transaction analysis system, which provide more efficient and intelligent tools for financial analysis and analysts time save. time and energy.

Reporter: These technical achievements sound very exciting. What impact do you think these technologies have had on the financial analytics industry?

MS. Wanghai: These technological research and development results have an important impact on the financial analysis industry. First, the blockchain-based supply chain financial data analysis system enables financial analysts to more accurately track and analyze data in the supply chain, reducing information asymmetry and risk. Second, the supply chain trade finance risk assessment platform based on the third-rate model provides financial institutions with more reliable and accurate risk assessment tools to help them make more informed decisions. In addition, the artificial intelligence algorithm-based retrieval classification system of similar listed companies and the mobile terminal-based fund transaction analysis system provide efficient analysis tools that help financial analysts get the information they need faster and make more accurate judgments. The use of these technologies makes financial analysis smarter and more efficient, helping to improve the industry’s analysis efficiency and decision-making level.

Reporter: You also get a lot of coverage in the media and seem to have a lot of influence in the industry. How do you see the future development of the financial analysis industry?

MS. Wanghai: I believe that the financial analysis industry will increasingly rely on the power of technology in the future. With the continued advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, we will see the emergence of more intelligent and automated financial analysis tools. These tools will be able to process larger amounts of data and provide more accurate and timely analysis results. I look forward to this development and will continue to work to drive the intelligent development of the financial analysis industry.”

Reporter: Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us. I wish you more success in your future work.

MS. Wanghai: Thank you very much. I also hope to contribute more to the development of the financial analysis industry and to work with my industry peers to further the development of the industry.

Diploma: With her in-depth professional knowledge and innovative spirit, Ms. WANG Hai has successfully promoted the intelligent development of the financial analysis industry by combining modern information technology with the financial analysis business. Their achievements and awards in the field of technological research and development demonstrate their important position in the industry. We value her efforts and contributions and look forward to her continuing to innovate and advance the field of financial analysis in the future.”

(Reporter: Lai Chan WONG)

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