At the 2021 Milan EICMA show, the world-famous electric motorcycle manufacturer, ottobike Group once again surprised the global two-wheeler market with its outstanding product line. Today, the company holds a line-off ceremony at its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan, in celebration of the beginning of product mass production. After years of development and dedication, the company announces its very first product series, MCR (Mini City Racer), under its e-motorcycle brand, ovaobike, is ready for the mass market. Not only the local investors and suppliers but also the distributors of the brand across the world, celebrate on-site and online together to witness the company’s historic moment.

Besides celebrating the line-off ceremony, the General Manager of ottobike Group, Jerry Hsu, also guides the guests through the whole inspection process after vehicle assembly. With strict inspection standards and specialized testing equipment, the company makes sure the products meet the quality standards before delivery. From inspecting the exterior details to checking the functionality of each component, including the motor, frame, suspension system, and also the electric control system, not even a screw is missed to ensure the product quality showing the high expectation and dedication of the company to build such vehicles.

Moreover, in addition to the stylish design and avant-garde appearance, the ovaobike MCR series also has extraordinary performance and explosive power up to 148 km per hour at top speed, leading the rider for unforgettable journeys. The first batch of the products is expected to enter the European markets for sale this year. With exquisite design and quality, the ottobike group plays a pivotal role in the global e-mobility industry, voicing the futuristic riding joy.

About ottobike Group

ottobike Group is a world-famous electric vehicle manufacturer with its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Founded in 2016 by a group of fanatics in innovative designs, ottobike group’s mission is to define the future of mobility and deliver the revolution worldwide. With experiences and competencies in vehicle design, system integration, and manufacturing, ottobike group has established its outstanding product lineup equipped with the most innovative and advanced technology.

Jerry Hsu, the General Manager of ottobike Group, gives an emotional speech and thanks to all the team members and suppliers for supporting the company.

The General Manager of ottobike Group, Jerry Hsu (in the middle), cuts the ribbon together with his core team members to commemorate the completion of the production plant and the official production of the MCR series.

Jerry Hsu brings the company’s first production model, ovaobike MCR-M, off the production line for a symbolic kick-off of mass production

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