To record and present the new quality development achievements of Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development Zone(WIP),Shandong Province in an all-round way, and show the vitality and achievements of WIP in terms of location advantages, exquisite city construction, economic development, cultural leisure, and opening to the outside world, an event named “Looking at the New Development of WIP 2022 China’s Mainstream Media Material Collection” was held in WIP, on the morning of August 16.

The event lasted for two days. The field interviews were conducted in Weihai Modern Agricultural Industry College, Weihai Shang Shan Tang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Weihai Gaosai newnion, Weihai Taiji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., SF Intelligent Sorting and Distribution Center, Weihai Sunway Medical Technology Co ., Ltd., Sino-Japanese (Weihai) Industrial Cooperation Park, West Huangshan Village of Caomiaozi Town, Weihai Ice Hockey Hall, BlackSeries Intelligent Equipment (Weihai) Co., Ltd. and other places.

The focus has been on capturing the beauty of WIP with the lens and recording the change in WIP with brush strokes. It has also carried out extensive publicity and reporting on TV, newspapers, websites, WeChat, Weibo, clients, and other platforms through the Convergence Media of words, pictures, short videos, and other media. Aside from that, reflecting the big theme with small stories, presenting the big picture with small incisions, recording the big times with small changes, telling the story of WIP development in multiple dimensions, displaying the achievements of WIP development in all directions, and jointly deciphering the “password” of WIP development, presenting the “WIP answer sheet” of new development in a panoramic way, showing the beauty of the city, introducing high-quality industries, and letting more netizens appreciate the charm of WIP have been on its priority list.

In recent years, WIP has paid close attention to the main business of the development zone, thoroughly implemented the new development concept, adhered to the initial intention of “establishing an industrial zone and developing advanced manufacturing industry”, as well as realized the upgrading and leapfrogging from a single professional park to a modern industrial new city in all directions.

In terms of industrial development, by focusing on supplementing, strengthening, and extending the chain of characteristic industries, WIP has successively cultivated three advantageous industrial clusters, namely, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, new medicines, and medical devices, and accelerated the creation of a modern industrial ecosystem with WIP characteristics. The total industrial output value of the three clusters is increasing at an annual rate of about 20%, and the planned industrial added value keeps double-digit growth every year.

In the construction of a new highland for opening up to the outside world, we will focus on high-quality investment and accelerate the construction of a strong industrial development platform. Since 2018, WIP has been approved to build a China-Europe (Weihai) SME Cooperation Zone. In 2021, WIP took the lead in building a Sino-Japanese (Weihai) Industrial Cooperation Park, accelerating the docking of international capacity cooperation and realizing the agglomeration of foreign-funded industries. Up to now, the two parks have inaugurated 10 high-quality foreign-funded industrial projects. In the first half of 2022, the actual utilization of foreign capital was 119 million US dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 56.8%. The completed foreign trade import and export was 5.33 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 28.6%.

In terms of scientific and technological innovation, WIP regards “Great Breakthrough in Scientific and Technological Innovation” as one of the eight key breakthroughs of the District Working Committee and Management Committee, and accelerates the construction of a collaborative innovation system of government, industry, university and research funds. At present, there are more than 50 national and provincial innovation platforms in the region. In 2022, focusing on four fields, such as new materials, advanced manufacturing, electronic information, medical devices, and biomedicine, 18 key technological innovation projects were excavated and sorted out, with a capital of 8.7 million yuan. Guiding enterprises are supposed to invest 46 million yuan in innovation funds.

With the construction of exquisite cities, WIP coordinates the implementation of 37 key municipal projects in 6 categories and has completed a large number of livelihood projects such as pocket park construction, shantytown renovation, and renovation of old residential areas. Weihai Ice Hockey Hall, WIP Cultural Center, Welfare Center, and other facilities that improve urban functions and enrich urban connotations have been built one after another, accelerating seamless connection with Weihai’s main urban area and achieving full coverage of the bus network. People’s livelihood facilities such as general hospitals and pocket parks have moved to the “doorstep” of the masses and happy canteens have blossomed everywhere.

In the future, WIP will firmly anchor “going ahead and opening a new situation”, seize the center of economic construction, attract investment, launch projects, build new cities, strengthen people’s livelihood, promote development, and ensure safety, and strive to open a new situation as well as make a new chapter in high-quality economic and social development.

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