May 23, 2023, Singapore – Metagame Industries, a Web3 games studio, announced the successful completion of a strategic funding round, raising nearly $100 million. This remarkable achievement enables the company to accelerate development of its highly anticipated game, Abyss World.

Metagame Industries attracted a number of well-known investors for this funding round, including industry giants such as Sui developer Mysten Labs, renowned game publisher Funplus/Xterio Ecosystem Fund, well-known investment firms Big Brain Holdings, 2moon Capital, Chainhill Capital, Dweb3 Capital and ZeroX Fund , GMA and MH Ventures, among others. The caliber and diversity of the investor pool underscores the immense trust and recognition placed in Metagame Industries and its visionary approach to the Web3 gaming space.

Abyss World, the flagship AAA game in the Sui ecosystem, represents an exceptional collaboration with Mysten Labs. The game has already garnered significant attention, with an impressive nearly 120,000 pre-orders registered on the Steam wishlist worldwide.

With the successful completion of this funding round, Metagame Industries is poised to accelerate the development of Abyss World, an immersive gaming experience that promises to push the boundaries of Web3 gaming. The capital injection will enable the studio to leverage cutting-edge AI technologies, realize ambitious creative visions, and deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to a global audience eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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