Reporter: SHI Jingshan

With the continuous improvement of our living standards, the shift in people’s needs from material to spiritual has led to tremendous changes in people’s views and demands on art education, thus promoting the development of the entire art education industry. Not only has the demand for art education for children and adolescents increased rapidly, but in recent years many adults have also joined art education to meet the needs of social interaction, entertainment, temperament and other aspects. The scale of development, popularity and penetration of China’s art education market will also increase. With the rapid development of Internet technology, the benefits of “Internet Plus” are becoming more and more obvious. The development of “more intelligent, more autonomous and more interactive” intelligent teaching methods on the Internet is more in line with the future development trend of arts education activities, and plays a positive role in improving the overall quality of Chinese citizens, especially artistic achievements.

Ms. NI Lijun is a well-known intelligent education expert in China and enjoys a high reputation in China’s intelligent education industry. Ms. NI Lijun has been engaged in art education for 13 years. She has high artistic achievements and rich teaching experience. Not only has she nurtured countless artistic talents, but she has also actively participated in many off-campus teaching activities and won numerous awards. During her tenure, she did not limit herself to existing teaching methods, but devoted herself to innovative research in the intelligent education industry. She has developed her own unique research characteristics in the fields of intelligent education platform construction, technology research and development, theoretical innovation, etc. Ms. NI Lijun draws on new information technologies and combines cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, major innovations in the analysis of student learning outcomes, group interaction, artistic creation and other fundamental theories and designs. She has developed Intelligent Analysis Cloud Platform for Students’ Art Learning Outcomes V1.0, Art Creative Development System Based on Artificial Intelligence V1.0, and Artwork Appreciation System Based on DL Technology V1.0. These achievements have been widely used in the field of intelligent education. After their release, they gained wide recognition in the industry. Enrich China’s educational theory and practice, expand China’s intelligent educational research, and nurture high-quality talent.

On the problems that exist in the development process of China’s intelligent education industry, Ms. NI Lijun has her own unique insights and opinions. She said, “The era of ‘Internet Plus’ is an era of technology integration, knowledge openness and innovation.” With the deep integration of Internet technology and art education, it will push the education industry to explore more appropriate development paths, and also higher demands on the development of art education in the era of “Internet Plus” and the cultivation of education make talents.” Therefore, it follows the development trend of the times and the reality of intelligent education development in China, and after continuous research and exploration, beats the original achievement of the intellectual property “Intelligent Analysis Cloud Platform for Students’ Art Learning Outcomes V1.0”. This achievement closes the gap in intelligent analysis and evaluation of learning outcomes and learner feedback, deepens the depth and breadth of intelligent education technology, and creates tremendous social benefits.

Ms. NI Lijun believes that by promoting intelligent education, education will shift from “teacher-centered” to “learner-centered,” and instructional management will also shift from “empirical” and “extensive” to scientific and precise. Therefore, this achievement endorses the pedagogical concept of placing the students at the center of the lesson and emphasizing the subject status of the students. Teachers and students actively explore and practice in disciplinary and professional areas by creating problem situations. Through analyzing and solving problems, students acquire knowledge and skills, and develop strong research consciousness and innovative ability, thus achieving the students’ goal of building knowledge, improving their skills and promoting sustainable development of students. Ms. NI Lijun’s concept is consistent with the “four skills” proposed by UNESCO. It responds to the means of information circulation, storage and dissemination as education, fosters the ability to adapt to change, and allows students to take full advantage of the various opportunities for updating and deepening.

In addition, this achievement also introduces an evaluation and feedback system for students’ art learning effect. By dividing the users who log into the platform into different subjects, assessment and data analysis of student results and various elements are carried out to generate quantitative assessment data to enable students to achieve the learning objectives of the course. Evaluation of different items from different perspectives can more accurately reflect students’ learning effectiveness, fully mobilize students’ enthusiasm and sense of responsibility for learning, and enable intelligent analysis of students’ learning outcomes. This system is primarily based on the result-oriented concept of “converting learning into learning ability”. It pays more attention to the intelligent analysis process and focuses on the evaluation of students’ knowledge mastery and emotional attitude towards learning content. It is a comprehensive assessment of multi-dimensional, multi-stage and multi-time periods. Through the application of wireless sensing, human-computer interaction, virtual reality and other technologies to analyze the effectiveness of students’ art learning, the collection and storage of data on the results of students’ art learning is realized. It then employs data mining, clustering analysis, sharing and visualization techniques to scientifically assess the quality level of students’ art learning and make value judgments to provide data support and theoretical support for assessing learning outcomes and students’ learning outcomes at the uncover art learning.

Such a technology application can continuously track the students’ art learning process, monitor the students’ art learning status in real time, and comprehensively and efficiently collect data from the first and second classrooms and students’ lives in a multi-dimensional and comprehensive manner. With the support of machine learning algorithms, learners’ ability assessment and feedback are carried out comprehensively and efficiently. Based on students’ different data, teachers provide improvement and decision-making services. In determining the curriculum system, designing the teaching process, and selecting and training teachers, more attention should be paid to improving the overall artistic quality of learners, creating distinctive art education, helping learners to develop their own artistic talents and learning she is interested in being laid by knowledge of art. Through the collection of students’ interested art knowledge using Internet technology, it aims to meet the needs of students’ personalized learning instead of carrying out the education technically, so that students can self-know, improve and continue their comprehensive development.

The introduction of Ms. NI Lijun’s performance has effectively realized the intelligent analysis of students’ learning outcomes, which helps to encourage students to learn creatively, create a good learning atmosphere and diverse learning environment for them, and enhance the social service connotation of art education . This achievement was enthusiastically received and widely used by the art education industry. It not only provides good technical support for social development and economic prosperity, but also promotes the overall improvement of China’s educational level.

As an important part of aesthetic education, arts education plays a very positive role in cultivating human nature. Ms. NI Lijun believes that in the context of the “Internet Plus” era, we should promote the integration and cooperation of Internet technology and art education, and make deep reflections on the application of Internet technology in the teaching practice of art education. She said that in the future, they will understand the general laws of the development of the art education industry in the “Internet Plus” era, clarify the development direction of the industry, have a precise understanding of intelligent art education, and deal with the development difficulties of Internet technology more calmly, in the Hope to further accelerate the overall intelligent development of Chinese art education.

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