(Reporter: Ervin Jethro Flanagan)

With the rapid development and wide application of many emerging information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc., the digital era has arrived as scheduled, and financial technology has entered a new stage of development. The new development situation puts forward new requirements for enterprise financial management, especially in the field of financial accounting management, which is still facing many new changes and challenges.

LIU Zhanghong, a famous Chinese expert in the industry of enterprise financial management, has been deeply engaged in the field of finance for many years. Combined with the existing information technologies, he is committed to leading the innovation of financial technologies with financing as the starting point. He believes that “only when the management team have a comprehensive understanding of the development status of the enterprise can they formulate more targeted business strategies and better make a reasonable plan for the development of the enterprise. Financial analysis is the analysis and research work focusing on the current situation of the enterprise’s operating ability and profitability. Scientific and effective financial analysis can accompany the healthy development and good operation of the enterprise.”

LIU Zhanghong graduated from Hong Kong Finance & Economics College, majoring in finance and with finance as the research direction. He went deep into the practice of enterprise financial management, summarized management experience, and delved into scientific research. He put forward the advanced concept of applying modern technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to enterprise financial management, and thus developed a series of original and intelligent technological achievements. They have promoted the intelligent innovation of the entire financial management industry, from the aspects of technological progressiveness, practical application effects, etc. It is known that up to now, LIU Zhanghong has independently developed cutting-edge technological achievements such as “Convenient Financial Management Operating System Based on Deep Confidence Network V1.0″, ”Blockchain-based Enterprise Financial Management Security Identification System V1.0″, “Enterprise Management Decision System Based on Financial Data Analysis V1.0”, and “Intelligent Analysis System for Enterprise Investment and Financing Behavior V1.0”. At present, these technological achievements have been widely used in the practice of financial management of major enterprises, greatly improving the efficiency and security of enterprise accounting management, especially financial management, and bringing immeasurable economic and social value to the whole society. Among them, “Enterprise Management Decision System Based on Financial Data Analysis V1.0” has won great recognition in the industry by virtue of its industry-leading technological advantages, and has also received high praise from major application enterprises. LIU Zhanghong himself has further enhanced his industry influence and popularity by virtue of his outstanding contributions in mode innovation and technological research and development in the field of financial management.

LIU Zhanghong believes that the business decision-making of an enterprise requires the analysis, study and comparison of the overall major issues according to scientific procedures and methods, and the selection of one of the best schemes to organize and implement. Financial data is the most important part of enterprise data. Real-time, diversified and extensive collection, collation and analysis of financial data are an important prerequisite for making good business decisions. The “Enterprise Management Decision System Based on Financial Data Analysis V1.0” independently developed by him is a representative achievement that helps enterprises make business decisions with financial data analysis. The system is divided into four modules: data warehouse, online analytical processing module, data mining module and decision analysis support module. Among them, the data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, time-varying data set, but the information itself is relatively stable. The online analytical processing module is the core of the system, which can directly imitate the multi perspective thinking mode of users, and pre build a multi-dimensional data model for users. For example, the analysis of sales data will set time cycle, product category, distribution channel, geographical distribution, and customer group classes into dimensions respectively, and a multidimensional data model is established. Through the model, data can be quickly obtained from various analysis angles, and it can also dynamically switch between various angles or conduct multi angle comprehensive analysis, which has great analysis flexibility. The data mining module extracts the required information and knowledge from a large number of incomplete, fuzzy and random data, and finally obtains the overall business analysis strategy and outputs it through the decision analysis support module. For the huge amount of calculation of modern enterprise finance, this system is far more efficient and reliable than other enterprise management decision-making systems, and has subversive significance for promoting the development of enterprise intelligent decision-making. At present, the system has been cited by many large well-known enterprises in China and has achieved good application results. Its outstanding influence is gradually expanding to East and Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and will be more widely promoted and applied in the world in the future.

From the perspective of future development trends, emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain are becoming closer and closer in the process of practical application, and their technological boundaries are constantly being weakened. Future technological innovation will be increasingly concentrated in technological intersection and integration. Especially in the specific applications of enterprise financial management, enterprise investment and financing business, it will take root widely. Smart financial management is an important part of the future development of financial technology. The integration of more and more cutting-edge technologies and financial management will promote the rapid development of financial technology as a whole. LIU Zhanghong said, “although my personal strength is limited, I will continue to move forward in the new opportunities for the development of the industry, and will not disgrace the mission of being a pioneer in smart financial innovation and a leader in financial technology. ”

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