UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, DUBAI – In October, numerous investors from the financial and crypto industries flocked to Dubai, the global capital of digital assets. Most of them flew to the United Arab Emirates to attend important summits including the World Blockchain Summit, GITEX, Alternative Investment Management (AIM) Summit. To celebrate the occasion, DEX Ventures, a leading fintech and crypto fund, organized a private high-end afterparty on the evening of October 12th at DIFC’s famous Ritz Carlton Hotel. Over 100 influential investment firms, blockchain companies, ambassadors and sheikhs attended the event.

DEX Ventures is a blockchain investing FinTech mutual fund that focuses on uniting leading minds to make blockchain more accessible worldwide. More specifically, DEX leads efforts to provide a platform for companies to discuss blockchain development both in the Gulf region and around the world.

Aurora Wong, the founding partner of DEX Ventures, greeted the guests with the following message:

“Tonight, members of the royal family, prominent families from the region and renowned speakers from around the world as well as key players in the blockchain and digital assets funds will be flying. Today we are going to discuss many key technologies and how to implement them to make the UAE a better place for blockchain. “

Before the event, Ms. Wong participated in the AIM panel entitled “Bitcoin Mining with Sustainable Energy”. There Aurora discussed the topic with the Executive Chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies, Frank Holmes, and Senior Vice President Taras Kulyk of Core Scientific. Throughout her career, Wong has extensive experience and today has significant influence in the global blockchain space.

The UAE is becoming a new cradle for the global adoption of blockchain

The afterparty was supported by top players in the various branches of the crypto industry, including RChain, ComputeCoin, ZB Group, World Mobile and DMA (Digital Mining Association).

DEX Limited also attended the party. DEX is known for receiving Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) to operate as an MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility). The company also acts as a regulated custodian of fiat and virtual assets. Leon Smith, CEO of DEX, announced the company’s soft launch at the event and thanked the team for making it happen. The introduction of MTF and custodian for virtual assets can have a huge impact on the acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum by institutional investors in the UAE and the GCC in general.

RChain is an established blockchain service provider with a solid technical foundation. RChain Cooperative founder, President and CEO Lucius Gregory Meredith shared his insights into the future of technical innovations in the blockchain industry.

HH Sheikh Abdullah, who also attended the event, said:

“Will the United Arab Emirates become the next global center for blockchain and ride the wave of new technologies? Time will only tell, but the fact that the best minds come together is a very positive sign. “

The curtain has closed on the DEX Ventures Ecosystem Afterparty, but the relationships established during the event will lay the foundation for future partnerships with DEX Ventures and other honorable attendees. Each of us is helping to create a blockchain-powered world that is more sustainable and accessible to users worldwide.

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