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The 2022 China Household Appliance Health Trend Summit opened in Beijing, the capital of China, on July 28, 2022. The event was jointly hosted by the People’s Daily Health APP and Health Times, which is supported by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association. At the summit, Rinnai received many honors, including the top prize of Health Leader of China’s Household Appliances awarded by China Appliance magazine. Various Rinnai products received the title of Health Star of China’s Household Appliances, including water heaters, heating stoves, gas stoves and water purification products.

An enterprise featuring a century-long history, Rinnai is focusing on R&D and innovation in thermal energy appliances, carrying on craftsmanship spirit during its development, and adhering to the corporate philosophy of “quality is life.” As a result, it has established a unique characteristic of Rinnai products in the global thermal appliances market. Forging ahead for one century, Rinnai is embracing a new journey by closely following the industrial trend of healthy home appliances. With its accumulated technical strength and spiritual power over the past century, Rinnai is making all-out efforts to compete in various fields of the healthy home appliances sector.

“As China adopts regular epidemic prevention and control measures, many changes have been seen in Chinese consumers’ lifestyle. An increasing number of them are finding it more important to choose healthy home appliances,” said Hayao Nishizawa, Executive Officer of Rinnai Group and President of Shanghai Rinnai Co., Ltd. As a fresh start for the next 100 years, Rinnai has been spending all-around efforts in providing healthy water heaters, heating systems, kitchen appliances, and whole-house water purification products. Carrying out its brand promise of “creating a healthier way of living,” Rinnai is always ready to provide its customers with comprehensive and professional solutions for a healthy life.

According to Hayao Nishizawa, the Director and General Manager of Rinnai, the Micro Bubble heater, which is launched in 2021, is a landmark product that features the self-developed micro and ultrafine bubble technology that aims to make bathing healthier.

Executive Officer of Rinnai Group

The Director and General Manager of Shanghai Rinnai Co.,Ltd.

Hayao Nishizawa

The micro and ultrafine bubble technology of Rinnai, which has been applied on RUS-M16E73FBF/FFF/FHF of the BLU-X water heater series, can efficiently remove many kinds of harmful bacteria such as coli bacillus from the surface of fruits, vegetables and meat. With the bacteria removal rate reaching as high as 99.9%, and the average removal rate of pesticide residue reaching 94.4%, the Rinnai product vows to protect the safety of the family diet.

Kitchen is more important among Chinese families than ever before. It is no longer only a cooking place as it used to be, but has been regarded as a new space for affective interactions and daily social among family members. Nishizawa said that Rinnai had improved its product line by launching overall kitchen solutions to help Chinese customers build a better kitchen. Among them, the RB-2E05LS gas stove makes cooking healthier and safer, and the RB-2QLGH gas stove, a Health Star of China’s Household Appliances, features timing and temperature control functions, so as to reduce cooking fumes from overheating and makes cooking much easier.

The Rinnai RB-2E05LS gas stove mentioned by the General Manager Hayao Nishizawa was also honored as Health Star of China’s Household Appliances. It features multiple protective characteristics, which can prevent accidents such as dry burning, overheating of oil, forgetting to turn off the fire, and accidental shutting down.

Entitled Health Star of China’s Household Appliances, Rinnai RWTS-P150-3 water purifier/heater is a remarkable product following the development trend of household water purification products. It features high-density PP cotton, two activated charcoal rods, and a germicidal lamp, making the bacteria inactivation rate reach as high as 99.9%.

Whole-house heating is becoming a popular choice in decoration, said the General Manager Hayao Nishizawa. Underfloor heating system heats the floor, thus the heating is achieved by conduction and radiation, which is perfectly in line with the health preservation principle of “warmth generates from the feet.”

RBS-25/35RQ85A-CY wall-hanging stove has won four times of the Health Star of China’s Household Appliances and it represents Rinnai’s resolution in the healthy heating sector. It adopts fully premixed condensing technology. Its thermal efficiency is 107.8%, which means it can save more.

Rinnai’s trophy for the top prize of Health Leader of China’s Household Appliances

With many star products promoting healthy lifestyle, Rinnai received the top prize of the summit, Health Leader of China’s Household Appliances from China Appliance magazine. While Rinnai striving to innovate in health concept and promote the trend of health home appliances around the whole industry, the top prize is given to Rinnai in return for its unremitting efforts.

In the future, Rinnai will continue to uphold the craftsman spirit and his brand promise of “creating a healthier way of living.” Keeping spending efforts on technological innovation, Rinnai will always be ready to provide users with high-quality products and services, including heating systems, water heaters, kitchen appliances, and whole-house water purification, said Nishizawa.

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