On January 12, 2022, TECNO, an international premium smartphone brand operating in over 70 countries, announced that it would introduce its latest polychromatic photoisomer technology to cellphone design elements worldwide.

The debut reflects TECNO’s commitment to “stop at nothing” to make breakthroughs in smartphones, including design, camera and system. We envision “technology to enhance the value of art and art to express the value of technology”. This breakthrough would be the first time this technology is applied to cell phones. Expect a wave of classical art in the wireless industry that will bring users an immersive “light chase” experience. TECNO has successfully refined the technology of the polychromatic photoisomer on the monochromatic back of a cell phone, making it possible to depict masters of classical art who are one step ahead of the industry.

Through technological innovation, TECNO turns technology into art

TECNO data shows that the aesthetic expectations of today’s young generation of consumers are becoming a trend worldwide. TECNO is committed to expanding mobile phone design and striving to bring artistic beauty to users in the new era by adding an artistic touch to the technology with innovative technological breakthroughs in the shape, material and appearance of the mobile phone manufacturing process.

This technology consists of 22 steps and has been subjected to 500 test runs with an accuracy in the nanometer range. This ensures that it is carefully manufactured and rigorously tested to meet exact specifications.

Polychromatic photoisomer technology is an innovation that uses the breaking and restoring effect of the chain of light-sensitive molecular bonds under ultraviolet light, making colorless groups of molecules chromogenic and then colorless again.

The process breaks through the technical limits of one- or two-tone discoloration and for the first time realizes the industry ideal of “making mobile phones not just a technology product, but also a work of art”.

As a tribute to the masters of art, TECNO turns users into easy hunters

TECNO’s debut polychromatic photoisomer technology is not only an innovation of cellphone as a technology but also a successful exploration of artistic expression. TECNO’s polychromatic photoisomer technology allows users to enjoy the multi-colored discoloration of cell phones in different life scenarios. TECNO is transformed from a single-colored back for indoor use into a multi-colored outdoor experience and makes full use of the shimmering colors created by the alternation of light and shadow and gives the mobile phone an artistic attribute. TECNO is able to take the look and design of cell phones to a new level through this integration of technology and art.

It was the French painter Édouard Manet who brought “light” to painting in the 19th century and created impressionism. And today, TECNO is paying tribute to Manet by embedding the design of cell phones in the elements of “light” to create the color collision in sunlight.

TECNO’s creative use of “light” brings the beauty of “change” to the mobile phone and offers users a personalized, immersive artistic experience. Just like Monet, “an eternal light hunter”, TECNO lets users experience the joy of “chasing light”.

Through the use of light, shimmering colors can reflect an equal and harmonious order, as in the effects of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian in the depiction of the geometric elements made up of “primary colors” and straight lines. TECNO pays tribute to Piet Mondrian by showcasing polychromatic photoisomer technology in a classic and minimalist phone design to perfectly inherit his pure artistic spirit. The cell phone is no longer a pure technical product, but a philosophical work of art in the Mondrian tradition, with the transformation of light and shadow from inside to outside. Expressed through the debut of polychromatic photoisomer technology, TECNO’s brand resembles Mondrian’s perfect combination of colors and lines to illustrate the power of nature and the essence of life.

TECNO’s worldwide debut of the polychromatic photoisomer technology is not only a leader in the mobile phone design industry, but also practices its brand essence “Stop at Nothing”. As an innovative leader in mobile phone technology, TECNO adheres to the concept of “Technology to increase the value of art, art to express the value of technology” and continues to inspire and enable consumers in emerging countries and worldwide to offer a unique “hunt”. – Consumer experience everywhere.


TECNO is a premium smartphone and AIoT device brand from TRANSSION Holdings. With “Stop At Nothing” as the brand essence, TECNO is committed to developing the best modern technologies for progressive people in global emerging markets and offering them elegantly designed intelligent products that inspire consumers to discover a world full of possibilities. TECNO understands the needs of consumers from different markets and offers them localized innovations and design breakthroughs, demonstrated by their mastery in serving consumers who are “young at heart” and never stop striving for excellence. TECNO’s portfolio includes smartphones, tablets, smart wearables and AIoT devices for consumers in over 70 emerging countries worldwide. TECNO is also the official partner of Manchester City, Premier League Champions 2020-21. Further information can be found at: https://www.tecno-mobile.com/.

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