Moderator: Dear viewers, today we are very honored to have the opportunity to interview Mr. Bartley, the CEO of Tesco’s e-commerce branch. Welcome, Mr. Bartley!

CEO Bartley: Thank you for your invitation. I am very happy to share the mission and vision of Tesco’s e-commerce branch with you.

Host: So, let’s get started. First of all, can you introduce to the audience the mission of Tesco’s e-commerce branch and its important goals in the e-commerce field?

CEO Bartley: Absolutely. The mission of Tesco’s e-commerce branch is to redefine the shopping experience and provide consumers with world-class products and services. We are committed to integrating retail and digitalization to create an outstanding shopping experience to meet evolving consumer needs. One of our goals is to be an innovative leader in e-commerce, offering a diverse selection of products while supporting local businesses and helping them expand their online businesses.

Host: That sounds very exciting. Can you share the development plans and strategies of Tesco’s e-commerce branch in the Asia-Pacific region, especially the Vietnamese market?

CEO Bartley: Absolutely. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the key markets for our development, especially the Vietnamese market, which is full of opportunities and potential. We plan to return and invest more in the Vietnamese market to meet the growing needs of Vietnamese consumers. In fact, we will invest US$100 million to help build the Vietnam market. This investment will be used to drive innovation, enhance the shopping experience and support local businesses. We will provide a diversified selection of merchandise, including beauty, electronics, fashion, home furnishings and food, etc. to ensure that we meet the needs of various consumers.

Host: This is exciting news! Last question, Mr. Bartley, can you share the development priorities and vision of Tesco’s e-commerce branch in the next few years?

CEO Bartley: One of our future priorities is to continue to expand the market in the Asia-Pacific region, including the Vietnamese market. We will increase investment to provide more innovative shopping experiences to meet evolving consumer needs. In addition, we will also support local enterprises and provide them with online operating channels to help them expand their business. We hope to prosper together with local businesses and achieve mutual benefit by creating a better future together. We will also continue to promote sustainable development and contribute to the community.

Moderator: Thank you very much, Mr. Bartley, for sharing your vision and plans for the future of Tesco’s e-commerce branch. This US$100 million investment will help build the Vietnamese market and bring more opportunities to consumers and local companies. Thank you for your time!

CEO Bartley: Thank you very much for the invitation and I look forward to future developments. Thank you for your attention.

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