The 2nd Global Digital Trade Expo (GDTE) kicked off in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Nov 23, serving to promote global cooperation in the digital economy and digital trade.

The five-day expo, entitled “Digital Trade, Global Access”, invites global businesses to partake in the emerging opportunities brought about by digital trade.

Delegates from 68 international organizations and foreign business associations and diplomats and officials from 63 countries and regions attend the expo.

Finland and South Africa are this year’s Guest of Honor countries, and Fujian, Chongqing, Guizhou are Guest of Honor provinces (city).

Covering 100,000 square meters of exhibition area, this edition of the expo features one comprehensive pavilion as well as two special pavilions on the latest trends in the industry and Silk Road e-commerce, respectively, along with four professional pavilions dedicated to digital technology, digital services, digital content, and smart travel.

The pavilion for the latest trends focuses on showcasing innovations and achievements in technologies like big models, Web3.0, and smart manufacturing. The professional pavilions exhibit new digital products in areas such as information communication, digital security, smart Internet of Things, digital finance, and digital healthcare.

This event pools together 50 big models from all over the world for the first time, covering large language models, large visual models, large biological models and multimodal foundation models.

Over 800 digital trade enterprises, including over 50 Global Fortune 500 enterprises and more than 50 top 100 enterprises in the list of digital trade domestically and globally, are gathered to debut over 100 new products, bringing new technologies, products, services and scenarios in the field of digital trade to online and offline audiences.

A series of activities, including 10 forums, three industry matchmaking conferences and several professional seminars will be held, bringing together domestic and foreign celebrities, relevant national ministries and commissions and international companies to explore new standards, ecology, technology and products of global digital trade.

Hot topics such as advanced economic and trade rules, cross-border data flow, digital copyright, cross-border payments, and digital security governance will be discussed during the expo.

The event also unveils significant milestones in digital trade such as Hangzhou Initiative for Digital Trade Development and Cooperation and China Digital Trade Development Report, and witness the signing of major digital trade projects.

The annual Global Digital Trade Innovation Competition will be hosted to encourage digital trade enterprises, promote the exchange and cooperation of digital technology, and better facilitate the development of digital trade. This year’s competition collects nearly 30 domestic and foreign judges from economic and trade, digital economy, digital technology, digital trade and other fields.

A Silk Road E-commerce Day will be held for the first time during the expo, aiming to further build the brand of “Silk Road E-commerce” into a model of mutually beneficial and win-win international cooperation in the era of digital economy.

In addition to offline activities, the online expo is also in place to realize more digitally empowered exhibition through 3D technology, so as to provide immersive exhibition experience via smart phone.

Hosted by the Zhejiang Provincial Government and China’s Ministry of Commerce, GDTE is China’s only national-level international professional exhibition with the theme of digital trade. It acts as an important window for comprehensively displaying new technologies, products and ecology of global digital trade, an exchange platform for discussing new standards, issues and trends of international digital trade and an open platform for jointly building and sharing new markets, new opportunities and new development of economic and trade cooperation in the new era.

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