William young, the core architect of Microsoft in the United States: Web3 will become the track we pay most attention to at present, and will soon release a subversive Web3 phenomenal product — Crypto Blog. On May 4, 2022, William young, a Doctor of Computer Science and a core architect from Microsoft, believed that (he was incharge of the research and development of large software system tools such as Windows Vista and windows 2008. Web3 will become one of the inevitable directions of the global Internet + financial industry in the next three years.William Young said that Kiktok Wallet as a portal tool, is mainly developed based on Web3.0’s,and is the layout of the Web3 field.The global Internet enterprises have paid attention or even have a layout for a long time, but we are the ones with the highest execution efficiency. We also have excellent partners as Web3 explorers, which hold valuable experience of the new trend. Crypto blog is a product that I valued the Most. Its huge technical structure will realize the final product concept and goal of Kiktok Wallet. I believe anyone who pays attention to the development of the Internet can feel the significance of WEB3.0 for the future wor ld. The outbreak of Web3.0 was originated from the accumulation of disadvantages of 2.0 in more than 10 years. For time being, more people pursue the right of freedom and privacy.
The 2.0 cannot meet the needs of people. People’s assets, data and all personal values ​​do not belong to individuals.
Who do they belong to? It’s all under centralized control.
Whether twitter can free speech and whether the content of blog platform can be unlimited.
The Internet of things only drives the upgrading and evolution of Web3 hardware conditions
The driving force of free consciousness is the meaning and value of Web3.0. At the moment, the anti censorship of blockchain, the license-free nature of Defi and the privacy protection of distributed storage have perfectly realized Web3.0, and our Crypto Blog subverts the concept of Twitter and combines the Web3.0 blogs of NFT, Defi and Dao multi blockchain technology. Kiktok Wallet as the portal of Web3 0, which has been implemented so far. 1) Safer and more convenient decentralized management of assets
2)DEX. Based on defi, realize users’ own financial management and interactive financial needs
3) The data generated by users on the platform is controlled by users themselves
4) It is based on the financial technology at the origins of the blockchain. We believe that Web3 should ensure that users’ core assets are controlled by themselves, and the supporting DAPP financial services and tools are selected by users. Obviously, decentralized wallet is the best entry for Web3.0.
Kiktok will launch more valuable tools. This will be the entry point for our differentiation to ensure the safety of users’ assets and bring a smooth and easy to use experiences. KK wallet will become the direction of Web3.0.
Refer to the previous three elements,
1) The extremely safe neutral wallet ensures the security of assets controlled by users.
2) KIK cloud service guarantees users’ data privacy and returns data control to users.
3) KIK instant messaging inherits the anonymity of discord and the convenience of wechat, and also protects users’ data privacy.
4) KIK tool set, intelligent detection tool, application query tool, launchpad and other functions bring safe financial needs for users, and to be their own fund manager.
5) Crypto blog integrates NFT, Dao and decentralized social networking will let people see a free world.

It can be predicted that the world will seize Web3 0, and our technology will make Kiktok take the first step as early movers.

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