On March 28, 2023, China Leping, the hometown of Jiangxi Opera, accompanied by “Guo Zi Yi Pin”, launched a series of large-scale urban culture propaganda films on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square in New York. It takes the stage at the crossroads of the world, dominating the screens. The charm of Leping lies in its unique culture and rich history. It is known as the “Museum of Chinese Ancient Theater” and its rich cultural heritage, especially the “Hongma culture” has been inherited in China. Now it has once again attracted the attention of the world and shows the charm of China on the international stage.

Known as Jiangyouming District since ancient times, Leping City is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, bordered by Jingdezhen to the north, Dexing and Wuyuan to the east, Yingtan in Wanwan to the south, and Peduyang to the west. It is named after “Le’an River to the south and Pinglin to the north”.

Leping is a famous cultural city with a long history. Since the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the county has had a history of 1841 known as the “Article of State”. Here mountains and rivers Zhong Xiu, rich products, scenic gems, talented people, has always been “poetry and books cultural relics, one in his county. And the shape of the holy temple, also in its county. Hong Hao, a famous Southern Song Dynasty official, was detained for 15 years and brought back to Jin State. Ma Duanlin, a historian of the Southern Song Dynasty, spent 20 years writing a general literature review hailed as “Hong Gong’s integrity and Ma’s article.” Leping is the “Museum of Ancient Chinese Opera Stage” which still preserves 458 ancient opera stages integrating architecture, sculpture, crafts, painting and literature. The construction period began in the Ming and Qing dynasties and spanned more than 500 years, which is why it is called the “hometown of the ancient Chinese opera stage”. Tang Dynasty Nanyao Site was selected as one of the “Top Ten New Discoveries” of national archeology in 2013 and listed as a historical and cultural city in the province.

Jiangxi Opera is Leping’s shining cultural flagship. “Leping not only has a professional Ganju creation team, more than 400 professional Ganju opera practitioners, more than 170 classes and more than 1000 people throughout the year, there are performances of Jiangxi opera in urban and rural areas, mass culture every year of the city activities such as learning Jiangxi opera, singing Ganju opera, performing Jiangxi opera everywhere. Opera performances and the construction of the ancient stage go hand in hand with the phenomenon that the country is unique.

In recent years, the city of Leping has raised a huge sum of money to build the Jiangxi Opera Theme Culture Square and the Ancient Chinese Opera Museum to introduce the Jiangxi Opera and ancient opera culture to the public; It has carried out the activities of “Jiangxi Opera on campus and in the countryside”, built the brand of “Jiangxi Opera Culture Week” and the village of Ganju culture, carried on Ganju culture and enjoyed the reputation of “hometown of”. Chinese Ancient Opera” and “the hometown of folk culture and arts of Jiangxi Province (the hometown of Jiangxi Opera). At the end of 2021, Leping won the title of “Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Arts” due to the Jiangxi Opera, which has been popular for thousands of years is.

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