Just in time for the market recovery, UncleMine launches its SECOND IMO! Providing users with an easy-to-use and high APY product!

What is UncleMine IMO

The mining industry has unlimited prospects, but its large-scale integration model makes it costly for individuals to participate. UncleMines IMO is an effective solution to this problem.

UncleMine is the first fundraising, DeFi and DAO platform powered by verifiable mining assets.

In IMO, fundraisers must use their computing power as a requirement for funding, and investors are given the right to receive the future revenue of a specific mining asset. The mining assets, be it physical computing power or virtual computing power on the chain, are verifiable after verification by UncleMine Oracle and cannot be counterfeited. The relevant evidence is continuously stored on the chain and anyone can check it at any time. This ensures that investors can invest in mining assets without trust, participate in investing in the underlying facilities of the blockchain, and earn stable returns.

Strengths of UncleMine IMO

Easy Participation: Get UMF2 tokens with UM, get UM-UMF2 LP and stake LP to share mining rewards!

Earnings in USDC: Since no widely accepted wrapped FIL token exists on the Solana network, UncleMine converts the mining earnings into USDC.

There is no threshold, high APY: the price is much lower than the market price of mining assets and 0 service fees with higher APY.

Trusted: This node IMO is one of the best filecoin miners. The second IMO represents only part of the computing power of the nodes.

Compared to the first IMO, UncleMine has reached an agreement with the miners to exempt the previous 5% subsidy for the miners. This time, all corresponding mining rewards will be distributed in the UM-UMF2-LP pool! The income of users has increased significantly.

The second IMO also continues to expand the usage scenarios of UM. Users use UM to buy UMF2 and need UM to set up LP to get second IMO earnings. As IMO accumulates, the value of the UM token itself continues to increase.

Why Filecoin

Filecoin is primarily focused on providing enterprise and developer cold storage solutions. The competitive pricing and easy access appeal to Web2 customers looking for cost-effective alternatives for storing large volumes of archive data. Use cases include UC Berkeley’s collaboration with Seal Storage to store physical research, and Eweison, China’s fastest-growing digital content provider, uses Filecoin for data retention. Now over 600 known projects are currently being developed on Filecoin, IPFS and the Protocol Labs Network ecosystem.

ChatGPT, which recently drew a lot of attention on the capital market with over 100 million users in two months, offers more options for Filecoin. OpenAI provides the NLP models (Natural Language Processing) with a lot of training data. The success of AI depends on large data sets, and the demand for data storage is huge. Other AI communities are also adopting decentralized technology and Filecoin to preserve their datasets, choosing to “preserve humanity’s most important datasets on the Filecoin network.”

In addition to AI, zero-knowledge proof is also a hot topic for trustless data collaboration and blockchain scaling, which Filecoin has been using and developing since day one. With the development of zk technology, Filecoin will be used more efficiently and in more scenarios.

Introducing UncleMine IMO 2

UncleMine will launch the SECOND IMO for Filecoin Storage Power on March 1, 2023 at 8:00 UTC. The IMO mining asset token UMF2 represents the future yield of 9 PiB of storage computing power on the Filecoin network for the next 240 days. The mining assets of this IMO are provided by Filecoin node f01825301.

The current sale of Filecoin storage stream on the market has no liquidity. Investors can only keep their miners running for the full storage power lifecycle to complete their investment, which can take up to two years. Additionally, the current price of Filecoin storage units in the market is much higher than UMF2, making UMF2 extremely cost-effective. Not only is UMF2 cost-effective, but it also has an on-chain liquidity pool that gives investors more flexibility in their decisions.

What is UMF2

UMF2 is the fungible token sold on UncleMine’s second IMO.

The total supply of UMF2 is 100,000. The token’s value and staking rewards will be funded by future earnings from 9PiB filecoin mining nodes.

UMF2 can be traded on decentralized exchanges like Raydium. UMF2 holders stake UMF2-UM-LP tokens on UncleMine to receive corresponding mining rewards in USDC.

The market recovers and Filecoin surges followed by increased mining rewards. Although the UncleMine team did a lot of research on various mining assets and contacted miners during the previous bear market, the team believes that Filecoin issuance can benefit users more IMO.

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About UncleMine

UncleMine is the first fundraising, DeFi and DAO platform powered by verifiable mining assets. UncleMine introduces physical and virtual mining assets to the on-chain ecosystem through zero-knowledge-based VMA Oracle, which allows the infrastructure resources to circulate in the Defi world.


* Website: https://unclemine.org/

* Medium: https://medium.com/@UncleMine

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/uncleminenews


* Discord: https://discord.gg/ScuJCZtDHs

* English: https://t.me/UncleMine

* Korean: https://t.me/UncleMineKR

* Turkish: https://t.me/unclemineTR

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