September 13, London Time, News 2021, the world’s first Metaverse decentralized NFT aggregation trading platform Mart announced that the platform has officially launched after a 10-day public beta. The platform is currently reviewing smart contracts. After the audit, the smart contracts are published as open source and placed in the large DAPP application stores. The Mart platform integrates the concept of NFT + Metaverse + DEFI. MART realizes the aggregation of global NFT Metaverse products through innovative aggregation functions and realizes the functions of one-click buying, imprinting and selling of NFTs on the MART platform. The current NFT of the MART platform Content minted has performed at its best.
The content is based on IPFS. This also addresses the inadequacies of most current NFT platforms for centralized storage of NFT content. And MART can aggregate the NFTs of multiple public chains, and in the later phase, the NFT multi-chain interoperability can be exchanged via a cross-chain bridge. Chains already supported by the MART platform include Ethereum, Huobi Smart Chain, and Binance Smart Chain, and the HECO chain-based sign-in mining and trading mining capabilities have been enabled. It also offers a wave of bonus periods for the first wave of participating users.
The Mart platform aggregates the mainstream Metaverse NFT commercial market in the market through smart contracts, compares prices and gives the best offer to ensure that users can easily and quickly buy Metaverse NFT products across the market at the right price . On the Mart platform, you can find, collect and buy popular NFT products from across the network with one click.
The special thing about Mart is that 100% of the platform’s trading fee is automatically bought back by the smart contract and it has its own deflation function. At the same time, it supports the dual trading mining function. You can enjoy the dual mining benefits of the Mart platform and the third-party platform, the sign-in mining feature and recommending friends to sign up can also earn rich returns
The Mart platform first introduced the NFT and meta-universe products from OPENSEA, RARIBLE, TREASURELAND and other platforms. Later, the popular Metauniversum projects will be launched on the market in good time. Mart Global hopes to become Metaverse’s traffic ingress by aggregating the hot Meta-Universe NFT projects from the major NFT platforms. Opens a simple and user-friendly universal Metaverse portal platform for more users to enter the Metaverse world.
For the metaverse of the game type in particular, the MART platform can more easily help users achieve the parallel universe ideal of making money playing games through the dual mining feature. The MART platform hopes to take advantage of the first year bonus period of the Metaverse’s creation to share the huge trillion-level Metaverse NFT market with early users who participated in the MART platform.
What is an Aggregate Trading Platform: Aggregate Trading uses API technology to integrate transaction data from other platforms to create a platform that can provide users with greater transaction depth.
What is NFT: Non-fungible Token. It’s a special digital asset. Each NFT has a unique and unique identifier that is not interchangeable.
What is Metaverse: Metaverse refers to a parallel digital world that is separate from the physical world but always online, in which people can live freely as virtual characters (avatars).
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