June 9, 2022,TT got officially listed on WhiteBIT, the largest trading platform in Europe, and the price exceeded US$7.5, hitting a record high!

Introduction to WhiteBIT(https://whitebit.com/):

Founded in 2018, WhiteBIT is the largest digital currency trading platform in Europe, with an average daily trading volume of more than 2 billion US dollars over more than 400 online trading pairs. WhiteBIT has surpassed 2.5 million users, covering 150 countries and regions around the world. WhiteBIT also has European Exchange Custody License and meets all KYC and AML requirements. At present, it has surpassed Binance and Coinbase and has been rated as the top three digital currency trading platforms in the world by the network security platform cer.live.

Introduction to TT(https://www.teco.cool):

TT-DAO has built an innovative decentralized autonomous ecological network with the TT token economy as the core, and the global community as the DAO node verification carrier, covering community DAO, order book TDEX trading protocol, decentralized voting system DVOTE, decentralized finance TeFi, on-chain game Gamefi, DAO node mining pool, distributed storage, metaverse laboratory, multi-chain wallet all part of an integrated Web3.0 distributed economic system.






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