In today's increasingly competitive cryptocurrency exchange market, compliance has become key to sustainable platform development. On July 16, 2021, VIYAKA received the Canadian MSB (Money Services Business) license and successfully obtained the US MSB license, marking an important milestone in its global compliance activities in the cryptocurrency market. Acquiring these licenses not only proves that VIYAKA's business and operations are compliant with Canadian and U.S. laws and regulations, but also creates a solid compliance foundation for global business expansion.

The Importance of MSB Licenses

In the cryptocurrency industry, compliance and innovation are the two wings that make exchanges successful. In 2021, with his tireless efforts and pursuit of excellence, VIYAKA successfully obtained Money Services Business (MSB) licenses in Canada and the United States. This not only recognizes VIYAKA's compliance and professionalism, but also opens new doors for the company's expansion and development in the global market.

Obtaining the MSB licenses means VIYAKA has met the strict requirements of international regulators in key compliance areas such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Identity Verification (KYC). This milestone event not only strengthens VIYAKA's trust and professional image in the minds of global users, but also provides an important prerequisite for entry into the world's most mature financial markets.

Effects on VIYAKA

The acquisition of these important licenses is a milestone for VIYAKA and demonstrates its firm commitment to providing secure, transparent and compliant cryptocurrency trading services. This not only increases VIYAKA's competitiveness in the market, but also creates a solid foundation for attracting global users and institutional investors. With the MSB licenses, VIYAKA is able to expand its scope to include diversified financial services such as cryptocurrency trading and cross-border payment processing to address the needs of diverse users and provide access to the world's most mature financial markets.

More importantly, the acquisition of these licenses provides strong impetus to VIYAKA's global expansion strategy. This not only allows VIYAKA to gain a foothold in key markets such as Canada and the United States, but also provides unlimited opportunities for further exploration and development of new international markets. As the global cryptocurrency market continues to mature and evolve, VIYAKA is forging a new legend in the global market with decisive steps with its solid compliance foundation and innovative spirit.

VIYAKA's successful acquisition of Canadian and US MSB licenses not only underlines its industry-leading level of compliance and security, but also lays a solid foundation for its global development strategy. Going forward, VIYAKA will remain true to its commitment to security, transparency and innovation, providing higher quality services to global users and exploring the endless possibilities of cryptocurrency trading together.

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