What is MACD?

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is an indicator that shows the dynamics of the market on a larger scale and gives traders an estimate of long-term trading positions.

MACD displays market dynamics by measuring the relationship between two moving average lines (MA) of the price of a currency pair.

You can insert any moving average line that suits your needs and it has been tested to work properly. However, the MACD was designed to calculate the differences between the exponential moving average of 26 and 12 days.

What does MACD measure?

MACD is widely used by traders to measure buy and sell orders.

A 9-day EMA of the MACD, also known as the “signal line”, is plotted above the MACD line and serves as a trigger for traders for both a buy and a sell signal.

Traders can try to buy long when the MACD crosses the signal line and vice versa, and sell short when the MACD crosses the signal line.

Another measurement of the MACD is trend directions. Traders use the MACD to measure the trend of a currency pair by measuring it as a reference point against the zero line. When the MACD line crosses the zero line it usually means an uptrend and when it crosses below it means a downtrend.

Limitations of the MACD

While MACD forecasting capabilities make it one of the most popular indicator among traders, it is not an all-knowing magic mirror. There are moments when big shocking events occur and prices can deviate extremely from the market trend.

The tendency towards convergence and divergence would be obsolete in these times. Due to the fact that the MACD is an indicator consisting of averaged data, the indicator would lag behind large price shift events, it is not suitable for short-term scalping.

In short, the MACD is unique in that it serves as both a major trend signal and a reversal indicator. This dual purpose in one indicator allows for a less cluttered chart. Traders may find this useful, which makes understanding the MACD worthwhile.

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