A new city, a fresh journey, a shared dream. This is a state-level zone, Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development Zone (WIP), the new modern industrial city with rapid growth, the high-end manufacturing cluster region with full vitality, China’s Top Development Zone with Comprehensive Competitiveness, Sino- Europe (Weihai) SME Cooperation Zone, Core Area of ​​Local Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zone of China-Korea FTA.

(China’s Top Development Zone with Comprehensive Competitiveness, Sino-Europe (Weihai) SME Cooperation Zone, Core Area of ​​Local Economic Cooperation Demonstration Zone of China-Korea FTA), and the vital carrier for city-industry integration in Shandong Peninsula city agglomeration.

The location advantage of WIP is obvious, and the transportation system is well-developed. With a total area of ​​297 square kilometers, WIP is located at the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula, which is in the central of Weihai City. It is an important node of Bohai Rim Economic Circle, Northeast Asian Economic Circle, connecting Korea and Japan under Belt and Road Initiative. It takes only 20 minutes’ drive to reach the seaport and airport. Over 30 direct flights to Korea every week from Weihai Airport. Only 45 minutes to reach Incheon Airport of Korea. Major international cities are linked via Incheon Airport. It takes only 2 hours’ drive to reach 3 international airports and 6 national first-class ports. Transportation network with 4 vertical and 7 horizontal roads is connected with Qingdao-Weihai Expressway and Taowei Railway. With the completion of Weifang-Laixi High-speed Railway, Bohai-Rim High-speed Railway and new airport of Weihai which will be built in WIP, the economic and life circle will make it a reality to have 1-hour peninsula circle, 2 -hour province circle, and 3-hour Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area circle from WIP.

WIP has a solid industrial foundation and comprehensive industrial system. WIP has always been adhering to the concept of building strong industries and developing advanced manufacturing. The Zone promotes the comprehensive and coordinated development of 5 chains, including industrial chain, supply chain, innovation chain, talent chain and capital chain, focusing on the cultivation of 4 industrial clusters: new materials and applications, high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine and medical care.

In the field of new materials and application industry, there are complete categories in four major fields with leading companies. In the field of carbon fiber and composite materials, Carbon Fiber Industrial Park, which is the core carrier, has operated 3 national scientific research platforms and full-chain industry projects (National Engineering Laboratory on Carbon Fiber Preparation and Engineering, National Carbon Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center (Shandong Branch), National Carbon Fiber Industry Metrology and Testing Center), enhanced to be the national carbon fiber and composites industrial base. The leading enterprise, Tuozhan Fiber, is the production champion for single item of China’s carbon fiber manufacturing industry (over 70% market share of high-end domestic carbon fiber). K2 Sports, a leading enterprise in composite materials application, is the world’s largest production base of professional winter sports equipment for skiing (字幕: The world’s largest production base of professional winter sports equipment for skiing).

In the field of advanced polymer materials industry, Jinwei Chem-Industry occupies a global market share of 70% in aspects of UV absorbers, flame retardants and light stabilizers; Horan Special Plastic has built the first domestic polysulfone resins production line of 1,000-ton level with independent intellectual property rights; CY Dendrimer Technology is the first enterprise in Asia to develop and produce dendrimer and hyperbranched polymer materials. In the field of advanced metal materials, Multicrgstal Tungsten&Molybdenum Technologies owns the leading technology in the world of producing large-size uniform fine crystals and ultra-high temperature tungsten and molybdenum; Gemei Tungsten and Molybdenum is the first domestic enterprise to realize mass production of high-performance magnetron sputtering tungsten and molybdenum target materials. In the field of inorganic non-metal materials, CNG Technology is the largest online coated glass production base in China ( the largest online coated glass production base in China); HOYA Optical Technology, the largest optical glass production base in the world. (The largest optical glass production base in the world)

In the field of high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing industry, enterprises have been accelerated the sprint to lead the industry. Weida Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of electromechanical products for drill chuck series (40% global market share); Gaosai Newnion special transport vehicle, Gaoliya aerial operating vehicle, Guangtai special emergency equipment and Gaodeng American-style RV own the unique and advanced the products and technologies in the industry; Ugint CNC from Korea, the three-axis linkage (or more-axis linkage) CNC machine tool rank the third in the world.

In the field of electronic information industry, Marquardt Switches from Germany, the hidden champion in the field of automotive switches and control systems; Raytel Electronics, a gazelle company with global 5G adjustable optical communication technology; and Kunimitsu Electric from Japan, the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive micro-motor brushes. ( The largest manufacturer of automotive micro-motor brushes in the world.)

In the field of biomedicine and medical industry, the Biomedical Industrial Park has been built, which specialized in the R&D and production of cutting-edge medical equipment and instruments. There are well-known industrial enterprises such as Wego Group, Kracie Pharmaceutical from Japan, and Sunway Medical.

WIP has a suitable first-class environment for living, business and tourism. Always adhered to the integration of ecology, production and living to create a new modern industrial city with excellent ecology, competitive industry, beautiful environment, and harmonious society ( average temperature: 12.2℃, humidity: 60%, PM2.5: year-round 26μg/m3). Weihai City, where the WIP is located, is the first city in China to win the UN Habitat Award. It is one of the top 10 Happy Cities in China and has won the title of National Civilization City for 3 consecutive years.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is emerging in WIP. There are 10 innovation and entrepreneurship parks, including Sino-Europe Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, Sino-Japanese Cooperation Industrial Park, Innovative Economy Industrial Park, Specialized Chemical Industry Park, 6 apartments for talent, 6 academician workstations, 11 comprehensive colleges and higher vocational colleges (over 100,000 in-college students, over 20,000 graduates per year), International Logistics Park and SF Industrial Park. WIP provides enterprises with an overall services such as light-asset entrepreneurship, registration assistance agency, immediate construction after getting land approval, low-cost logistics, and one-stop approval process (字幕: 365-day customs clearance system without holiday, business license completed within half a working day). The increasingly perfect city functions enable a leisure life for the residents. Facilities have been constructed for not only a close-to-nature style, but also a fashionable and health-caring life: Zhengqi Mountain, drinkable SPA of 80 Degrees Celsius, Beijing Hospital (Weihai Branch), Zhongshi International School and Yongren International School, 10 primary and secondary schools, 3 major sports centers, including Sino-Japanese-Korean Baseball and Softball Center, Winter Sports Center, SPA and Golf Center.

Invest and start your business in WIP and open to the world. With a more open and a more inclusive mind, Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development Zone warmly welcomes new and old friends from all over the world to build an ambitious dream and create a prosperous future!

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