“I had the calligraphy course for almost 10 hours for free and learned various calligraphy techniques.” Ms. Sun praised the cultural development work to integrate cultural resources and promote youth civilization at the Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development District of China (im hereinafter referred to as “Lingang District”) after completing the Public Welfare Intraday Training Course.

Since this year, based on the youth’s need to build a friendly urban area, Lingang District has been closely monitoring youth’s true feelings on their employment, entrepreneurship, living environment, cultural life and social integration. The Lingang District Social Work Department actively promoted the building of professional talent teams, the construction of related environmental facilities in the friendly district, the integration of cultural resources, and the building of civilization, culture and sports for youth. as well as to carry out various activities involving the education of the CPC revolution, skills training and civilization practice in the new era, so as to constantly cultivate the cohesive power of youth.

“Regarding the calligraphy course learned from Ms. Sun and more, we also rely on Lingang Cultural Center and Nishan Academy. In addition, constant efforts are made to continue to carry out various activities in favor of youth. Currently, the community-oriented training courses are being carried out with almost 1,500 teaching hours,” said a person in charge of work at the Lingang District Social Work Department.

In Lingang District, both online mode and offline mode are used to constantly ensure the progress of civilization practice in the new era. The youth in the district are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities such as Voluntary Books, Gifts to Lingang and Culture to Grass Roots, etc. Meanwhile, youths are organized in Lingang District Lingang Culture Center to form a culture and arts volunteer service team with a complete organizational structure and detailed work system with the theme of “Growing up together under the sun, create zero cultural distance”.

With built-in social resources, teams of volunteers use holidays etc. to do a series of colorful volunteer activities like Block History, My Home – Parent Child Handcraft, Little Commentator, Story Collection of CPC History in Memory Museum of Caomiaozi, Activity Center for Youth and more, together with residential complexes and schools.

Weihai International Port Economicand Technological Development District of China: Integration of Cultural Resources, Creation of a City the Youth Aspire for

In addition, through various course activities, volunteers help children of relocated families to integrate into the subdistricts and communities, and better organize the youth and children in the cultural activities, thereby gaining support from their parents. Active efforts are made to facilitate effective communication within the district. Migrant children are taken outside to contact a total of seven teachers. 879 people benefit directly and more than 1,800 people indirectly.

In recent years, the Lingang District has consistently delivered large “dividends,” attracting youth to more sports and culture. To help young migrants quickly integrate into urban life, Lingang District is guiding social capital by prioritizing “improving the physical and mental quality of youth” to invest in building venues and facilities for sports projects to invest in the “10-Minute Fitness Circuits”, modernization and redevelopment of two theme parks – Lingang District Sports Park and Linquanhe River Culture and Sports Park, optimization of public fitness facilities such as Xinya Square, the fitness center for all in of Manshan City, further strengthen the construction, maintenance and management of fitness facilities in villages and townships, carry out various sports activities more suitable for youth, so that youth feel “living happily in Lingang”, solid conditions for better physical qualities of youth creates and youth promotes Sportservice in excellent age-wise.

“We will make efforts to build the “art gallery and museum cluster” brand, which meets the needs of youth, promotes talent team building, attracts more university students to participate in agribusiness, motivates rural residents to become rich, and design and build the intelligent outdoor fitness routes to create a solid space for youth life and development on the basis of the construction of Lingang District Sports Park,” said a responsible person in the Lingang District Social Work Department.

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