According to internal news, GOM is establishing the largest fair music DAO community through ‘God Of Musician’ (GOM), which will be officially launched in July. The project team has raised various musicians from all around the world. Our community allows musicians to communicate with others, which is the model of the Web 3.0 DAO community. It activates exchanges between people, so that musicians with similar interests can focus on creating music together. It was also planned to receive financial support as well. This project has been prepared since 2021, and has already laid the groundwork for agreements with the Berkeley College of Music alumni association and music-related associations in the early stages.

The world’s music industry specialists draw attention to the music NFTs

Sony Music invests in NFT trading platform ‘Makers Place’.

‘Warner Music’ signed a partnership with ‘Genies’, the largest AR technology company in the world, to develop avatars and NFTs for the affiliated artists.

In addition, ‘Universal Music Group (UMG)’ announced that it has signed a cooperative agreement with the NFT marketplace ‘Curio’, to publish exclusive NFT projects.

On the other hand, the music specialists often think that the star packages and expensive NFT collections of music are important. Establishing a community on GOM’s web3 is quite different from a simple digital collection. The transaction of music NFT may fluctuate depending on the macro-state of cryptocurrency. If the reward program guarantee the musicians to receive direct compensation under any circumstances, more musicians will participate. Even if you are not popular enough, you still have a chance to earn profit here.

Music NFTs have the potential to maximize revenue even with a small number of fans supporting the artist.

They are the first step to the ‘Creator DAO’ and the the micro-economy of music.

The new music business model ‘GOM’

GOM is digging a new field of music NFT industry. Its ecosystem model is the integration and upgrade of music and blockchain technology to launch a new NFT+DAO+DeFi music trading platform. GOM will provide a decentralized finance to the music industry and change the revenue distribution route for musicians. This will allow investors, users, and fans to own their favorite music copyrights. Also it will be the platform that serves as a foundation for creators who support music copyright NFTs in the earlier stages.

Metaverse crossover music chart ‘Godboard’

GOM benchmarks the Billboard chart, the most authoritative single chart in Europe and US, to create a ‘Godboard chart’.

The musicians, blockchain investors, and music metaverse lovers may create a fair chart and transparent GOM music community with ‘Godboard chart’. All of you here have the right to vote and start any music activities, and that tremendous energy will guide the development of the GOM ecosystem.

Why is GOM a star project?

COVID-19 is still ongoing. This serious epidemic has been devastating for musicians. Offline activities as well as the concerts have been suspended. Therefore the music NFT attracts many musicians to find a way out of this environment. The Music NFT has established a massive platform for audiences and artists to collect rare digital works. At this year’s 64th Grammy Awards, industry experts from various fields also showed great interestS in NFT.

The nature of the music industry and the blockchain music industry is completely different. Majority of the previous music market can’t swap to decentralized blockchain system. Their approach is more likely streaming digital sound sources. The majority of users are involved in Web2, and there are fewer Web3 users overall. GOM’s Layer2 technology is based on Polygon, it can provide a faster and scalable environment on the platform. A new economic model that integrates NFT+DAO+DeFi has a unique appeal to the music industry.

The reason how GOM is able to generate enthusiastic support in the market is because it satisfies the demands of music producers, users, and fans, but also meets the experiences of Web3 users. Musicians may turn their works into NFTs and share them on GOM Users’ staking and voting for their favorite music is used as financial investment tools. These funds also help musicians to develop their business. The highly integrated blockchains, music producers and investors, will build a new decentralized music finance economy model that provides on-chain services for music. We plan to bring on-chain traffic to the platform to create the largest blockchain music application in the world.

The mission of GOM DAO is achieved by cryptocurrency and utilizes blockchain and smart contract technology to connect musicians, investors, and fans through unprecedented routes.

It will provide a more stable foundation for the talented musicians to monetize their work in a variety of ways. We also help investors to select digital music collections with the bright prospects.

Generating personal music NFTs by uploading the original sound sources in GOM will help musicians to get direct revenue, but above all, as soon as they are published online, millions of users in the GOM community will become their first fans. Music lovers (fans) purchase music NFTs and provide financial support to musicians. This is a modification of the traditional production format, and it is also the most important factor that ‘God of Musician’ can cause a big change in the music market.

introducing ‘god of musicians

God of Musician (acronyms: GOM) plans to provide a blockchain service from the traditional music to on-chain traffic in the platform so that it will be the largest blockchain music application in the world.

It aims to break down the barriers between the music industry and capital markets. It uses smart contracts to crowdfund music creation projects, giving investors a portion of the project’s revenue (or royalties). Both music producers and investors will eventually get the plenty of rewards by the idea of ​​staking NFTs. So every step will be open to the public, we guarantee the transparency and fairness of the platform. in July)

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Twitter: @musician_god


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