So far, token investment has become the hottest investment after the stock market. Following the upsurge of the stock market, many investors want to ambush the next one hundred times coins, thousand times coins or even a A high-value token that can change the direction of the future, as a cutting-edge exchange that will quickly come out of the circle in 2022. Why is Belem still a firm choice for investors in such a market environment?

From the official website, you can see that Belem has set up a StartUp area on the homepage, which is generally called a new currency subscription. Belem officially screened high-quality projects in each field for ICO in the special area, and conducted a detailed due diligence on each project in the subscription area, including verification of teams, products, markets, trading conditions, legal conditions and other aspects. The product area has been optimized for the ultimate experience, allowing global investors to participate safely with one click.

What is the potential of SGD subscription?

Not much to say, in the field of digital finance, the most important thing for investors is the rate of return. From the data below, you may be able to appreciate the charm of new business and understand what new business means to investors!

1. In August last year, when playing the new currency Qrado, the highest return rate reached 1843%, and there is still a return rate of 1168% so far.

2. In September last year, Ethereum’s first zero-knowledge summary expansion protocol token IMX. With its high market popularity and strong background strength, investors who participated in the new venture have obtained a return rate of up to 940%, which is still 370% so far. And the token is still favored by investors as a medium to long term.

3. Complete the new token BTRST on Coinbase, and the online return rate is as high as 620%

Similarly, there are countless tokens that are 100 times or even 1,000 times obtained through new launches, but how these high-quality tokens with long-term investment value are captured by you in the dazzling market, this is obviously not a problem for individual investors . Simple thing! , But for Belem, it may not be so difficult. Belem has a professional team and long-term industry experience, which itself attracts many high-quality star project financing, and is also the best choice for many investors to choose a new platform.

Why is Belem a leader in new platforms?

1. The projects launched by Belem in the StartUp area are strictly screened, so the projects that can be launched in the new zone are safe to choose, and users need a very stable IP address from registration to new launch, and A compliant identity verification , with its low threshold requirements, makes it easy for many novice encryption enthusiasts to participate in the lottery, and the return rate after winning the lottery is very high, so the new entry has become the most popular module of Belem.

2. As an old exchange established in 2017, Belem is also the only exchange that has obtained financial regulatory licenses from multiple countries and regions, such as: US MSB license, Singapore MAS license, Canada MSB license. Recently, driven by the accelerated implementation of global strategy, Belem has invested a lot of benefits into the market, and has also gained a lot of attention. The number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Ins and other platforms has reached over 300,000+ followers.

3. The earliest investment opportunity: The only way to get good returns in the crypto market is to operate through the primary and secondary markets. If there is no reliable news and technical analysis in the secondary market, you can only rely on your own intuition. It is difficult to obtain the expected income, and in the primary market, it is usually limited to institutions, venture capital, and capital parties to participate. After analysis of users’ investment preferences, Belem’s early launch of tokens in the StartUp area can make retail investors in the market. Can easily participate in the primary market.

4. Exclusive ICO: The superstar token-TUG, which has been subscribed in Belem, successfully completed an exclusive ICO on Belem. And it has achieved great success, that is to say, if you want to participate in the early investment of these high-quality projects, you can only participate in Belem, and you cannot participate in other trading platforms.

5. Nanny-style listing service: On Belem, a dedicated team assists and incubates the ICO of its project, and makes it successfully listed on the exchange, and provides it with technical support, operational guidance, market assistance and social media. Call on all platforms.

6. Legal compliance: Compared with other NFT and BSC projects that have their own ICO or IDO in the Dapp, the existence of the Belem trading platform provides an additional layer of protection for the project. The status of publishing delays and frequent changes of wallet addresses.

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