Energy issues have spread internationally in recent years. In addition to issues related to the balance between supply and demand of future energy, there are increasing voices supporting and advocating the development of low-carbon green energy technologies, which has also spurred the development of related industries, including carbon credits, green energy applications, and research and development renewable energies. These areas have grown rapidly in recent years and have developed into trending sectors that many experts are optimistic about. With the concept of “low-carbon life and sustainable development of the environment on earth”, North American company Genesis Capital Resources has been committed to promoting the sale of emission allowances and the development and application of renewable energy in recent years, and has also achieved excellent results in the market .

Genesis Capital Resources adheres to the idea of ​​first come, first served and has started to positively shape the sale of carbon credits and the carbon credit futures market. Recently, Genesis Capital Resources has reached a collaboration with Evolutionary Markets to further expand the business scope of the carbon rights trading market. In particular, the current world economy is in the recovery phase, and coupled with the intensification of global carbon emission reduction, carbon credit sales business will expand rapidly in the future. With its existing experience and technology in the carbon credits market combined with the resources of Evolutionary Markets, Genesis Capital Resources is expected to become one of the most influential brands in the carbon credits market.

In the new year, Genesis Capital Resources will carry out market strategy collectivization and optimization, and the cooperation with Evolutionary Markets is just the beginning of its strategic direction for 2023. In addition, Genesis Capital Resources will also establish “Genesis CF Trading Company” to develop new strategies prepare for trading in carbon credits and futures. Under the direction and operation of the group, Genesis Capital Resources will also accelerate Genesis CF Trading’s listing plan and strive to achieve the goal of a publicly traded group.

In the future, the development of low-carbon life and green energy industries has become a global trend. Genesis Capital Resources took the opportunity to actively engage in carbon credit sales and carbon futures trading to promote renewable energy development. It also announced that it would build the second stop of the “Genesis Station”, which has attracted a lot of attention in the market. Given Genesis Capital Resources’ past track record in the energy-related industries, the market is very optimistic about its future development and it is widely believed that Genesis Capital Resources will continue to perform well in the market.

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