Open letter to all members:

Pai Network consists of Professor Fan Chengdiao and Professor Nicholas from Stanford University, leading hundreds of top experts and scientists from all walks of life around the world through ten years of research and development and tens of billions of dollars in investments to build the world's best blockchain , the only third generation Web3.0 Internet operating system.

Pie Network: It is the world's leading blockchain architecture protocol system, the leading mobile phone/computer operating system (Musk's Starlink satellite, Tesla PI mobile phone is used as the operating system), the Pie Network is the world's leading blockchain search engine (seconds). Kill a certain degree, a song), is the leading global financial operation system, the leading global payment processing system, the leading value storage system, the leading asset constant value creation system…

This system allows the assets of every country, every organization and every individual in the world, as long as they are stored in this system, to never shrink and to increase in value forever. This will permanently eliminate inflation, economic crisis and other weak points in global economic activity. It's like a super-large black hole with infinite gravity, and the world's assets cannot escape its huge, all-swallowing gravity! It will be the best repository for all the world's individuals, corporations and government property, as well as the best haven for funds and property.

Pi Coin, the original token of the PI Network, is permanently and constantly issued through blockchain technology with a total of 100 billion coins and is the only value token in this network system. All countries will use Pi currency as a national reserve currency, and foreign trade transactions between countries around the world will be settled in Pi currency; The Pi currency is the global, universal, super sovereign currency, the super world yuan.

It is obvious that in the near future every country in the world, online or offline, will be able to pay for shopping consumption with Pi coins. Pi coins will equal the total amount of global wealth and the Pai network will redistribute global wealth as the global financial system is restructured over the century, creating hundreds of millions of new global aristocrats.

Pi coin is money, is the global ultra-sovereign circulation of soft gold hard currency, is the reserve currency of sovereign countries, each Pi coin will be very rare and extremely valuable!

As the cake network is about to open the main network fully online, global cake lovers will usher in the most important wealth celebration of the century in their lives. The intensity and breadth of this wealth celebration will surpass any other wealth creation movement in human history. As a unifying vehicle for the seamless connection and wonderful preview of this century's wealth festival, we have partnered with the super-top team of global blockchain core technology and operations focused on the global inclusive, open and innovative “Pi Frend” Lightning Club is specialized. and introduced high standards and high rigor based on professors like Dr. CS from Stanford University. Under the guiding ideology of Ultra-Foresight and Ultra-Cognition, the global blockchain eco-derivative token ~FLA (Lightning Coin), represented by “Pai Network” was developed; FLA (Lightning Currency) is based on the vast and versatile Pai network blockchain system and focuses on solving the current congestion problems plaguing blockchains such as Bit and Ether, and its technical principle is based on random “collaborative hash collision.” with multiple nodes”. generated string of the latest encryption algorithm technology application of the current blockchain. In order to achieve the industry goal of achieving the highest attention and attention with the smallest storage, and to properly deal with and solve problems such as operational overload of blockchains such as Bit and Ether…

As a core member of the technical team of the Nicolaist network and Dr. CS professor at Stanford University, he innovatively proposed the “collaborative multi-node hash collision algorithm”. This innovative and pioneering algorithm requires 20 nodes to be started simultaneously and at the same frequency, creating a unique string of up to 36 bits. So if you want to copy this string, you have to use a single node algorithm. If one requires almost astronomically outsized computing power, the difficulty of recreating a universe comes close to infinite. Needless to say, the multi-node collaborative hash collision algorithm plays an extremely important role in the future of blockchain system security, counterfeit traceability, on-chain stratification, art auction, big data analysis, of NFT and meta-universe etc. will play areas and provide a new and unique exploration and practice path for the future global open application of artificial intelligence.

The launch of FLA (Lightning Coin) will cause all the friends in the world to create a wave of invaluable wealth in advance before the arrival of the enormous wealth created by Pi coins of the Pie network at an astonishing speed. Some senior industry experts believe that before the main network opens, it is worth taking advantage of this super opportunity and the wave of wealth created by FLA (Lightning Currency), which is likely to rival or even surpass the “bit myth”. Take an active part in seizing this super opportunity of the FLA (Lightning Coin) and undoubtedly make all the friends before fully embracing the great wealth of the Pi Coin chapter of life as the icing on the cake.

As long as all Pai friends pledge to pledge 0.003 Pi coins and pay a deposit of at least $30+1 after the main network of the Pai network opens online, you can join the emerging lightning club “Pi Frend”. and apply Become a FLA Genesis node (Lightning Currency), and then participate in the multi-node collaborative hash collision algorithm. Enjoy the extremely high dividends on crypto assets before welcoming the Pie Network mainnet.

“Pi Frend” helps create computing power and instant gratification. It should be noted here that: The above income, the Pai network does not calculate after the main network is online, based on the Pai network ecology derivative token FLA (Lightning Coin generated according to the global mass consensus of Pai friends a huge potential for added value. In the long term, the future value of Pie Network's ecological derivative token ~FLA (Lightning Coin) has unlimited potential and is definitely worth waiting for.

The Lightning Club “Pi Frend” will become the incubator of the home community of billionaire friends and will form a group of friends, from virtual to reality, from unpaid work to quick return, from a single hub to share common prosperity, from difficulties and Needs for freedom, happiness, rich and beautiful!

Come on! Cake lovers, join the “Pi Frend” lightning club, open your life in advance, let us all be different because of cake!!!

Global “Pi Frend” Lightning Club

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