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With the widespread popularity of computers, computer applications have penetrated deeply into various industries, greatly increasing efficiency and profoundly shaping people's lifestyles. The extensive use of computers relies heavily on software support. As a fundamental, strategic and forward-looking economic sector related to the entire national economy and social development, the software and information technology services sector plays an important supporting and leading role. This is because the software and information technology services industry has unique characteristics such as rapid technological innovation, significant value-added products, wide application areas, strong penetration capabilities, low resource consumption and full utilization of human resources. These characteristics have made the software and information technology services industry one of the largest and most promising emerging industries of the 21st century and an important symbol of successful national economic transformation.

As the core and soul of the software and information technology service industry, the software industry has become the center and strategic focus of international scientific and industrial competition. Under the influence of various factors such as technological development and market demand, this industry places a number of demands on software professionals. Not only do you need to be familiar with the basic methods, techniques and tools of the software development process, but you also need to have the ability for technical innovation.

Feiyang Yang, a renowned expert in the computer industry and software development, earned his bachelor's degrees from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Queen Mary University of London. He completed his master's degree at Washington University in Saint Louis. During his journey in software development, he has gained extensive experience in research and development of software projects. He has also achieved numerous outstanding scientific research achievements.

Recently, our media had the honor of inviting Mr. Feiyang Yang for an exclusive interview to explore the secrets behind innovations in the software industry.

questions and answers

Journalist: Hello, Mr. Feiyang Yang. As someone deeply involved in the software industry, what do you think are the software industry's requirements for software talent?

Feiyang Yang: The software industry's requirements for software talent can be summarized as follows: have excellent professional skills, including in-depth knowledge and expertise, outstanding practical skills and rich project experience; Possess outstanding comprehensive qualities, including good professional ethics and professional demeanor; You have the necessary skills in the workplace, such as: B. excellent team spirit and communication skills. In addition, I believe that outstanding software practitioners should have the characteristics of innovative talents, including innovative spirit, innovative thinking, an innovative personality and innovation skills.

Journalist: From a national perspective, what factors determine the level and potential of the development of a country's software industry?

Feiyang Yang: From a national perspective, the level and potential of a country's software industry development are determined by factors such as human resource reserves in the software field and the conditions for promoting and utilizing software engineering talents. From an individual perspective, the current employment situation requires software practitioners to become applied talents with strong practical skills and innovation awareness. In summary, innovation has become an indispensable path for the development and advancement of modern software professionals. From a macroeconomic perspective, however, innovation is not just the mission of individual software users.

Journalist: Why is the spirit of innovation considered the core and basis for promoting innovative talent? How do you actively respond to the needs of the software industry and engage in collaborative innovation?

Feiyang Yang: The spirit of innovation gives software practitioners the ability to uncover the nature and intrinsic relationships of phenomena, while helping to broaden and expand thinking and develop new concepts and theories. In my professional activities, I have demonstrated innovative personality traits, and this innovative personality has continued to support the development of my innovative talents. In addition, I actively respond to the needs of the software industry and participate in collaborative innovation by collecting innovation resources and elements, leveraging my personal strengths, and developing practical, innovative and forward-looking software products to promote the development of the entire industry.

Journalist: From your perspective, what kind of challenges and responsibilities does innovation pose for software practitioners? Is it just limited to technological breakthroughs?

Feiyang Yang: I believe that innovation is an essential challenge and mission for software practitioners. You must constantly innovate, strive for excellence, and move with the times to become a leader in the field of software development. Innovation is not just limited to technological breakthroughs; This also includes a change in mindset and an attitude of continuous learning. It is a proactive mindset and belief. Software practitioners need to think boldly, break new ground and boldly try out new methods and technologies.

Journalist: What do you think it takes to become a creative software developer?

Feiyang Yang: I believe that a creative software developer should have an innovative mind and attitude. You have to think boldly, break new ground and bravely try out new methods and technologies. Only by deepening their awareness of innovation can software practitioners form truly imaginative and creative people.

Journalist: Thank you, Mr. Yang, for sharing your insights with us today. We look forward to more amazing software development achievements from you in the future. Can you give suggestions and advice to other software users?

Feiyang Yang: Thank you for the interview opportunity. I will redouble my efforts on the software development path. I encourage other software practitioners to consistently pursue the path of innovation, to continually experiment and explore. I advocate maintaining a thirst for knowledge and maintaining a deep insight into new technologies and trends. I also believe that by deepening their innovation awareness, software practitioners can make valuable contributions to society and make a significant contribution to the progress and development of the entire industry.

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