AI Come is a leading APP of convergent artificial intelligence, which is available in the Apple store and Google store. The APP provides users with free smart chat and AI painting services. It also provides AI virtual humans live broadcast rental service and UBI “savior” plan , to bring users the ultimate experience. The mission of AI Come is to liberate brain labor and repetitive manual labor. Through the AI BOT live broadcast leasing venture capital system, it explores infinite possibilities in the global e-commerce live broadcast market and offers “stable and reliable” venture capital income for all those in need.

AI Come is unique because of its UBI “savior” program, dedicated to solving the AI challenges and unemployment risks faced by entrepreneurs around the world. Through the AI BOT virtual humans live broadcast leasing venture capital system, not only all entrepreneurs in need are given opportunities, considerable venture capital creation, and also unconditional support for the development of entrepreneurs.

With cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking, AI Come is ushering in a new era of artificial intelligence platforms, which will bring infinite innovation and surprises to users. In the future, with the continuous development of AI technology, the innovative development of intelligent services will be promoted continuously by AI Come around the globe, allowing humans to experience unprecedented technological development.

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