Alphatrion Technology, from Cyprus

Since Alphatrion Technology launched its financial platform AlphaX trading platform, which is integrated into the blockchain technology, an overwhelming response from various regions has been welcomed. The number of members has already reached 10,000 and is still growing rapidly. To boost the global market, the Alphatrion Technology team has worked to expand its presence in countries like mainland China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Australia …

Founded in 2015, Alphatrion Technology team aims to build a team with a reliable platform that can help anyone stabilize their profits in cryptocurrency taking into account the emotions of investors that could lead to losses. AlphaX, a trading platform from Alphatrion Technology, has set itself the goal of revolutionizing the trading of cryptocurrencies, as trading in cryptocurrencies is unfavorable due to the constant monitoring of positions directly on the exchanges in order to maximize profits and avoid losses.

Arbitrage trading plays an important role in the crypto industry, which has led to the emergence of a large number of inferior quantitative custody projects as well as platforms in the market, and due to the lack of uniform standards and regulations in the market, such platforms are generally exposed to their problems, when the market shows a sharp decline in the market.

However, the AlphaX Trading Platform has a passionate focus on social trading, user experience and knowledge sharing to create a truly user-friendly and professional platform for users, especially newbies. The trading platform was developed with the utmost security, simplicity and functionality. It’s an invaluable tool that is well-equipped for both seasoned and inexperienced investors.

New investors in the AlphaX platform are allowed to enter the highly lucrative market for crypto assets with reduced risk and reward experienced investors with tokens from their followers after they have offered their follower base value-added services.

Advantages of the automated trading platform AlphaX

  1. Guaranteed profits
  2. Ready to use around the clock with high-speed auto trading
  3. No transfer time required; less liquidity tied up
  4. More markets for arbitrage

AlphaX offers all types of professional algorithmic trading, thereby reducing the time required for manual manipulations. And it focuses on building a platform that will monitor top cryptocurrency exchanges and constantly look for opportunities in arbitrage and myriad other types of trading to initiate those trades with the use of bots. The users have already increased by over 10,000 and continue to grow.

With the popularity of AlphaX, worldwide offices have been established in various locations in mainland China such as Harbin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Russia and more.


Customer service from Alphatrion Technologie

E-mail: [email protected]

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