What is “metavers”?

2021 is the first year of the metaverse, which is not a new concept, but a rebirth of a classic concept. In 1992, Neal Stephenson, a famous American science fiction master, mentioned the meta-universe in his novel Avalanche and described a story of real people living in a virtual space together with virtual people through VR equipment. “When you put on headphones and eyepieces and find the connection terminal, you enter the computer-simulated parallel world like a virtual avatar.” The meta-universe was officially proposed.

the Origin of the IMC project

With the development of NFT and DeFi concepts, Metaverse, as the ecological derivatives market of NFT, has brought a new reference direction for the development of the traditional public chain, ie “Metaverse”. Metaverse builds on the blockchain and DAO encodes the management and operating rules of the organization on the blockchain in the form of smart contracts. Hence, DAO, the main administrative mode of Metaverse, is also the product of the blockchain. NFT has to solve two main problems, the first value problem, which requires a tremendous value load and a commercial environment. Metaverse can provide this, and it can also mean that Metaverse’s products will essentially be NFT and NFT’s digital assets will keep growing. Second, it is necessary to use IPFS & Filecoin as the underlying data storage to ensure real persistence and uniqueness. However, Blockchain, NFT, DAO all have issues like low data set, high price, slow response time, high GAS, network congestion, etc. If these issues cannot be resolved, it means they cannot fully provide effective support for the metaverse. The blockchain needs to find a way to break the situation, as does the metaverse.

IMC understands that Metaverse has six supporting technologies: blockchain technology, interactive technology, video game technology, artificial intelligence, network and computer technology, and the Internet of Things. In the area of ​​the six technologies, IMC has undertaken in-depth research from GameFi to SocialFi, opened the ecology of the game, the social and public chain, built the super-ecology “Trinity” Metaverse, broken the barriers of the encryption industry chain and realized the integration of the industrial chain. With the empowerment of the Metaverse concept, IMC has developed the prototype of diversified value solutions to fuel the technological changes caused by the encrypted world. IMC is building a universal Blockchain 4.0 ecosystem based on advanced DAG applications that has perfect supporting functions, high performance, convenience, good user experience and scalability. Deploy an infrastructure and platform core technology algorithm and signature algorithm for the meta-universe cloud data value transfer application, build an original two-tier consensus and mining machine, and collect them in IMC to build an ecosystem.

The furecology from IMC

In the future, users of the IMC platform will be able to communicate with each other and do business, carry out transactions and exchange them for fiat currency via the token MBV from IMC anywhere in the world.

Any person or organization interested in a social network that consists of strong authentication, high privacy, weak relationship, and strong personality can consider joining IMC ecology and participating in green building. IMC promises open source authentication, data protection encryption, IMC wallet and other underlying protocols, codes and modules when appropriate. As long as the developers of the system comply with the appropriate protocols, as long as the APP developers embed the IMC module, they can be connected to the IMC blockchain network. IMC will also assist other organizations in the ecosystem in writing smart on-chain contracts to accelerate DAPP development. IMC will open the entire network analysis platform and welcome third-party organizations to use IMC data and valuable analysis results directly to target the most valuable users directly; At the same time, third-party organizations are also welcome to offer value-added services (such as finance, entertainment, e-commerce, etc.). The third party or organization must use IMC to conduct transactions based on the actual resources provided or consumed in the chain at a granular rate, similar to the payment method used in cloud computing. Any organization or individual can access the blockchain as a blockchain node without authorization.

The future is coming, we can do it and we are doing it now!

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