As part of AOFEX’s globalization strategy, AOFEX will officially establish the Taiwan office on December 3, 2021 to strengthen the brand’s global influence and better serve its global users. The opening of additional regional offices will expand the global diffusion of OT (Platform Token) and the customization of relevant applications within their ecosystem, which will further promote the growth of new processes and connections as well as new applications in the ecosystem.

AOFEX will kick off an event day on the same day with a range of surprises and benefits and a giveaway of USDT 260,000 to show thanks to its loyal users and to welcome new users. For details, please refer to the official announcement attached as an attachment.

Taiwan Branch: Integrate local market development

Blockchain is seen as a major driving force in fintech and offers the opportunity to renew society’s productivity pattern from the base layer. Under government leadership, the Taiwan Parliamentary Coalition for Blockchain (TPCB) was formed in 2018, and the Asian Blockchain Summit, one of the leading blockchain conferences in Asia, was held in Taiwan by the Asia Blockchain Alliance (ABA). Taiwan’s financial regulator has announced its intention to maintain limited oversight of cryptocurrencies. (the term used here is “limited”), saying that it will mainly focus on enforcing anti-money laundering policies while remaining open to innovations such as those in the crypto sector.

With a favorable regulatory policy, Taiwan has become a hot market with great potential. It has attracted many institutional investors and global capital. With the establishment of its Taiwan office, AOFEX aims to provide local users with the fastest, most secure and professional digital financial services available.

Globalization strategy: achieve periodic results

With a focus on the blockchain area, AOFEX is the world’s leading trading platform for digital financial derivatives and has received its US MSB license. AOFEX has built a team of core people who have worked for JP Morgan, McKinsey and other well-known financial institutions who have extensive experience in risk control and management in the fintech space. As the world’s leading provider of digital financial derivatives that strives for and insists on independent development, AOFEX is one of the few exchanges that has its own platform that runs on its own developed system. AOFEX was placed at the top in terms of matching speed (up to 1.2 million transactions per second) thanks to its independently developed matching engine with ultra-low latency and super-high parallelism.
AOFEX has established offices in North America, Japan, Russia and other countries and regions, providing a safe, fair and efficient investment and trading experience to over 1.80 million users around the world.

The AOFEX team continues to work with the mission “to involve more people in the digital financial world”. In addition to the growth of the digital financial business, AOFEX is also committed to living up to its social responsibility. AOFEX is fully committed to social and charitable initiatives, as reported by many well-known news agencies such as Coindesk and Coinspeaker. AOFEX is widely recognized for platform security, transaction depth, financial derivatives, and its not-for-profit initiatives.

Based on the OT (platform token), AOFEX has built a complete token economic system to expand the applications of OT and further promote the growth and improvement of the ecosystem. OT is an ERC20-based digital asset issued by AOFEX that covers all of the platform’s business worldwide. The use of OT covers the full range of products and rights to AOFEX, including but not limited to fee deduction, airdrop rewards, preferential purchase of investment products, bonus discount, positioning and mining, AP integration center, etc. With the growth of AOFEX, OT is used in other areas to improve the AOFEX ecosystem. To increase the environmental value of OT, the platform has put in place a solid deflation mechanism and introduced pre-issue buyback burning in order to keep the amount of burning below the issue. After the introduction of OT, the circulating supply in the secondary markets does not exceed 20% (20 million) of the total and any excess is burned. By burning buybacks and burning lists, the total amount of OT is under control to improve its scarcity, keep supply stable and speed up the burning schedule, build a complete token economy system and greatly increase the value of the OT and the AOFEX ecosystem. To date, AOFEX has destroyed a total of 9,610,891 OTs.

Reward users: 26th0,000 USDT giveaway

AOFEX’s rapid global expansion will not come without the support of new users and existing communities. To express our thanks to our users, AOFEX will be an event day on the same day with a range of surprises and benefits and a giveaway of USDT 260,000. start

Activity 1: Take on assignments to make 200,000 USDT. to share

Participants: All users of AOFEX

Time: 23:00, December 3, 2021 – 23:59, December 10, 2021 (GMT + 8)

Entry: telegram

Reward: It will be distributed within 3 working days after the activity ends.

Rules: During the activity, users can go to the Telegram bot using the link provided in our announcement or other social media platforms and complete the first 4 tasks sent by the bot to receive 4 USDT for a total of up to 100,000 USDT. For more rewards, invite your friends to complete tasks and share up to 100,000 USDT. The more referrals you make, the more rewards you will receive. 200,000 USDT in total!

Activity 2: Trade for 60,000 USDT. to share

Participants: All registered users on AOFEX

Time: 23:00, December 3, 2021 – 23:59, December 10, 2021 (GMT + 8)

Reward: It will be distributed within 3 working days after the activity ends.

Rules: During the activity, new users making spot transactions of tokens with an effective trading volume (buy + sell) of at least 100 USDT (equivalent) will share 60,000 USDT according to their total trading volume *.

* Individual Reward = total trading volume of a user / total trading volume of the users who meet the conditions) * 60,000 USDT

After the establishment of the branch, AOFEX wants to gradually implement its local development strategies in Taiwan, enter into diverse collaborations with KOLs and interact with communities and media. AOFEX also plans to add more branches around the world, each with customized behavior based on that of its local users, including everyday digital finance users.

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