Recently, binance and bx-energy Future Plan Pension Fund launched the Investor Protection Fund (SAFU). The launch of this guarantee fund aims to provide risk protection for the future planning pension fund established in 2018, with the purpose of protecting the safety of user funds.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet finance and the need for stable income from large capital in the market, currency funds have attracted more and more attention from the market, and more and more currency funds have appeared. However, as an investment fund, monetary funds are also affected by many factors such as fluctuations in the interest rate market and changes in the economic environment. At the same time, monetary funds similar to pension funds still have many risk management difficulties, such as scattered holders, large differences in the amount of individual accounts, and different risk tolerance of investors.

In addition, due to the increased volatility of the international capital market caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, investors have paid more attention to risks, so it is necessary to provide investors with greater security in monetary funds.

In the fund where SAFU is established, 10% of the transaction fee will be allocated to the safeguard fund. At present, the cumulative fund pool of the guarantee fund has reached 1 billion US dollars, which can fully meet the user’s financial security needs. In the future, binance and bx-energy Future Plan Pension Fund will continue to support SAFU, ensuring that its balance is not less than 1 billion US dollars.

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