The bx-energy Future Plan Pension Fund, established in October 2019, has raised $240 million by 2022. In order to better protect the rights and interests of investors, the fund will publicize the wallet address of the risk fund of the trading platform, accept the supervision of the government, regulatory agencies and important stakeholders, and allocate a deposit amount of 1 billion.

As of 2019, the scale of global pension funds has reached 900 trillion US dollars, which means that more investors are actively choosing more diversified pension investment channels. For a long time, the traditional pension level is linked to the individual’s pre-retirement salary level. It is calculated based on the indexed monthly average salary of pre-retirement employees and the replacement rate of different grades, and is automatically adjusted on a regular basis. Usually, it is more beneficial to low-income people, but there are always pay-as-you-go, low returns. This is also the background demand for the rapid development of pension funds.

In the future, the pension fund plans to focus on the investment needs of high-net-worth individuals, and will deploy digital currency investment from 2019 in order to provide investors with higher-yielding investment returns. In the future, the planned pension fund will establish a clearer investment philosophy, improve the product line of public funds, and develop free access products. Provide investors with more diversified investment options and experience the best one-stop digital currency pension financial services.

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