On December 5, 2023, BitNest, the global leader in crypto assets and blockchain infrastructure, announced that BitNest has registered as a cryptocurrency service provider in the United States and has received regulatory approval to comply with regulatory requirements for crypto assets in the United States had received.

The legal entity established by BitNest in the US enables BitNest to offer encryption products to US customers. It also shows that BitNest attaches great importance to complying with local regulations related to cryptocurrencies. The US regulatory approval is an important milestone in BitNest's local development strategy and allows BitNest to strengthen its local presence by opening offices and expanding its local team.

Cao, founder and CEO of BitNest, believes: “Clear and effective regulation is crucial for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. We are grateful to the U.S. government for maintaining complete transparency in defining and regulating local activities. BitNest has always kept users in mind. Through initiatives such as conducting registrations in multiple countries and regions, frontline users can be confident that we are one of the safest and most trusted platforms in the world.”

Previously, BitNest registered as a “Digital Asset Service Provider” in Asia and other countries in early October 2021 and received an operating license in Europe.


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